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39 +4 - I can't wait any longer!

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xstaceyhx Mon 06-Mar-17 10:55:32

Hi all,

I'm 39+4 weeks now, due on 9th March - first pregnancy!

I'm so ready for baby to make an appearance now. The first 8 months of pregnancy went so fast, but since starting my maternity leave 2 weeks ago it's gone so slow. Wake every morning thinking today will be the day but nothing!

Not sure if I started to loose my plug over the weekend... more discharge than normal, but not bloody. Had real difficulty walking on Saturday, the pressure around the pubic/pelvic area was just something else! I keep getting tightenings and some on and off period like pains, but nothing ever seems to come of them! Baby still very active - but I hear it's a myth she will become quiet when she's ready to be delivered? Midwife said should still be feeling movements every hour.

Booked in for a membrane sweep on due date (Thursday) really hoping that'll bring baby on if she doesn't make an appearance before then. Hoping to birth in a midwife ran unit in Bristol, which we won't be able to do if I have to be induced - I know a lot can in a matter of hours, but starting to get impatient now lol!

How is everyone else doing? My birthing ball has been a savour these last few weeks, the only seat in the house I've found comfortable lol! Wishing you all the best of luck! xx

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