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6 week check?

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user1465146157 Mon 06-Mar-17 00:52:37

Keep reading about the 6 week check on me and baby but my gp surgery won't do it til 8 weeks.

Is this okay / normal / risky?


MyKingdomForBrie Mon 06-Mar-17 00:54:02

I guess they just don't have the appointment space. It's not ideal but I remember feeling it was a bit of a waste of time unless you have any concerns. Are you still seeing HV at all?

Winniethepooer Mon 06-Mar-17 00:59:59

The post natel check consisted of my GP saying, 'Are you ok?' Nothing else!

Mummytogg Mon 06-Mar-17 02:29:37

I believe we had ours about 8 weeks. If you have any concerns make an appointment earlier however we were in and out within 10minutes. Our old Drs surgery used to time check ups with baby's first jabs so maybe yours is the same

user1465146157 Mon 06-Mar-17 05:55:10

Thanks yes they said they want to combine it all with the baby jabs

HV has been a joke she's 4.5 weeks and I haven't seen one where I live!

Lunalovepud Mon 06-Mar-17 08:38:40

It's 8 weeks here too - my GP says it's because they combine the mother's 8 week appointment with the baby 6 week appointment as mother might postpone her appointment due to less of a concern about her own health but won't postpone the baby's appointment for obvious reasons! If you are worried about it can you talk to your surgery?

Mummyme87 Mon 06-Mar-17 09:15:10

Have you been in contact with your HV? Unusual not to see one by 4weeks

FiveMinutesAlone Mon 06-Mar-17 09:34:46

My GP surgery does then at 8 weeks too.

They combine the mother's postnatal check, the baby check and the baby's first immunisations at the same appointment. I guess it's more efficient that way.

The HV came out to do a separate "6 week" (more like 7.5 week in reality) weight and development check on DS3 before the GP 8 week check. Can't remember now if the HV did anything similar with DS1 and DS2.

Has your HV not been in contact at all? I thought they were meant to make at least one home visit shortly after mum and baby have been discharged by the midwives.

Sundaygal Mon 06-Mar-17 09:38:25

At my GP they said they don't do them any longer. I never got an 8 week check either.

mistermagpie Mon 06-Mar-17 10:13:49

I had a six week check with my last baby but my health board has stopped them now and I won't get one at all this time. The baby still will though, but I think last time Ds's was at 10 weeks and it wasn't a cause for concern

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