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Just got my BFP... a little surprised

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DuRezidal Sun 05-Mar-17 20:06:53

My husband and I have been 'trying' for a few months but it has been a little hit and miss due to our work commitments.

I did a few months with ovulation testing but this last month we did absolutely nothing as I didn't have any sticks and also I knew I was going skiing so thought we would put TTC on hold for a month or two.

I have a relatively short cycle of 23 days maximum so all the apps suggest I ovulate quite early on. However, it appears that I ovulate around 14 days (from this cycle) and have a shorter lut phase.

While I was away I felt a little strange, the same feeling I had when I became pregnant with my daughter five years ago so I did have a niggling feeling that I may be pregnant. However, I started spotting around 19 days so just assumed I was wrong and AF would arrive.

When it didn't arrive this morning I did a test (only landed in at 1am) and sure enough, there was a very strong positive line. I then did a CB dIgi and it showed 1-2 weeks!!!

TheMrs04 Mon 06-Mar-17 20:45:35

Congratulations op!
Me and my dh were trying for almost 6 years with no avail people around me getting pregnant all the time including my sister. It wasn't until about 2 months after she fell Pregnant I started to feel a little off (I put it down to lack of sleep from working the early shift at work) but my sister had a spare test laying around and for shits and giggles really I took the test thinking it was going to be negative I gave it my sister to throw away only to see her crying I thought she was just a hormonal woman but she passed it back and much to my surprise I was pregnant! 😊 I now have a ds who is almost 11 months old! Now we're "trying" for #2 👶🏻 surprises are the best

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