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TheManicMummy Sun 05-Mar-17 10:48:51

I'll have a 3 year 1 month old and 2year 1 month old by the time this baby is born in November? Can someone tell me what they would do in terms of prams?

Also any tips on 3 kids under 4 would be fab x

InsaneMummyOfThree Sun 05-Mar-17 13:18:27

Hi, when my third lo was born my two where 2 1/2 and 1 1/2. So I had three under three. I already had a double buggy and slings. I used to put the baby in the sling and the older two in the buggy when baby was tiny. As they all got older I used to switch them around so if I was carry baby in the sling and needed a rest I'd ask the older one to walk for abit and put baby in the buggy. I'm not sure about tips really apart from try and get the older ones involved as much as possible. Ask them to pass u nappies and wipes. Mine also help me load and unload the washing machine / tumble dryer, sort washing and pair up socks. Im currently 34 weeks pregnant with number four and my others are 4,3,2. It's hard work now and I'm struggling but I keep reminding myself that it's not for much longer. Once baby is here you will just find your own way and surprise your self by how well you cope. X

InsaneMummyOfThree Sun 05-Mar-17 13:26:42

In terms of prams I have a baby jogger city mini. They lie flat so suitable from now born. Mine is and older version as I bought it second hand about four years ago but the newer versions you can attach car seats and carrycots. I never found it a problem tho. They are also good as I used to sit the older one on the handle bar. Obviously this is not advised but like I said. Sometimes you just do what you need to. Another good double if you have lots of walking to do is a mountain buggy duo. X

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