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Fed up already

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sailorcherries Sat 04-Mar-17 22:09:05

I'm 29 weeks today and, after a traumatic birth for DS1 with a lot of complications (contractions I couldn't feel, meconium in water, waters manually broken, failed induction, failed dilation and my pelvic arch not being the best to accommodate a baby), and DS being huge, I've been offered an elcs if I feel it best

I've pretty much decided I want one. Having a vbac doesn't interest me, particularly when I've been told that a) a large baby at growth scans could mean early delivery (I have 2), b) if I go late then I won't be induced but will have a cs, c) if anything goes like previous labour it'll be an emcs and d) the thought of vaginal tearing terrifies me.

I pretty much know the date (I know when the hospital will take you for elcs) and have just over 10 weeks to go. I'm sore, can barely sleep, spotty, nauseous etc and I am already fed up of waiting. I don't actually enjoy pregnancy and it doesn't agree too much with me. I just want this baby out (but at the correct time) and cannot face 10 more weeks. Is anyone else as fed up, as early?

haveacupoftea Sat 04-Mar-17 22:38:00

Yep. 27+1 with a high risk pregnancy and GD. Quite fed up with constant worry and have got to the stage where i'm hoping for elcs just to get baby out safely/know when it'll be over. I love my baby but the stress of GD has affected bonding a bit - I am constantly anxious about his wellbeing sad

sailorcherries Sat 04-Mar-17 22:52:06

I'm also undergoing several tests for GD, 24 week one was negative and waiting on 28 week results now. The stress is unbelievable.

I understand that some women would give their entire wordly possessions just to be pregnant, which makes me feel like crap when saying it, but I really dislike pregnancy.

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