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Nearly 11 weeks..... minimal symptoms-advice?

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stepmum88 Sat 04-Mar-17 18:58:07

Sounds ridiculous, and I'm very aware that some people would give anything for this.....however....: am nearly 11 weeks, and have barely any symptoms- tiredness yes, a little dizziness, a very small amount of nausea, but that's it. I'm worried about getting to the dating scan (a week on Tues) to have all hopes of a healthy baby just gone. Had to tell my boss yesterday too as outbreak of foot & mouth at work which midwife said I needed to stay away from. Should I be worried, or shall I just sit back enjoy and keep my fingers crossed for the scan?!! Any advice gratefully received 😊 x

Oysterbabe Sat 04-Mar-17 19:22:31

I was the same with DD. I know it's hard but try not to worry.

stepmum88 Sun 05-Mar-17 14:57:58

Thankyou for you help- I really appreciate it x

Applebite Sun 05-Mar-17 16:29:51

That was me! I spent half my time groping my boobs like some kind of pervert, desperate to see if they were sore...

Basically symptoms are a really terrible indicator. Some people have loads and are fine; others have loads and sadly are not; some have no symptoms and are fine - etc. All you can do is be as healthy and relaxed as you can until your scan. You can't control how your body reacts to the hormones.

Lots of luck and congrats!

Applebite Sun 05-Mar-17 16:31:04

(Sorry, should have added to be clear, my ONLY symptom until she started kicking me was no period - she's currently 17 months and trying to pull off my socks whilst shouting "Shoes!" hmm)

stepmum88 Sun 05-Mar-17 17:53:43

Bless you Applebite- Thankyou 😊 counting on work as a distraction for a week!! Xx

AgainstTheOddsNo2 Sun 05-Mar-17 17:59:33

Yep. Zero symptoms. 14 weeks now and my only symptom is bitching indigestion!

qate Mon 06-Mar-17 06:38:25

Currently 24 weeks, and I've had virtually no symptoms and baby is growing well, so don't panic! I think my only symptom throughout the first 12 weeks was total exhaustion (though that may have also had something to do with a constant 50-60 hour work week!) - I had minor nausea but found that as long as I had a small bag of mini-cheddars at 10.30am on the dot every morning, that saw off ALL nausea. I do feel a bit bad esp when I hear from friends how difficult their early months have been (but also a bit relieved..).

Rockandrollwithit Mon 06-Mar-17 06:43:42

I think this worry is normal. I'm 12 weeks and having terrible sickness (vomiting at least 4 times a day) and I'm still worried that I'm imagining even being pregnant. I think you would worry even if you had every symptom going.

Laurad04 Mon 06-Mar-17 08:15:05

Hi stepmum88, ive just come to post a similar thing, so you're not alone! We have our first scan on Thursday, and I'm so nervous. I had achy boobs to begin with then they've been on and off. What I have lots of is dizziness, but I did have low blood pressure too. I've had sickness (but not actually been sick, so nausea). I think it's because we're approaching our first scans so worry has kicked in. I'll keep u updated. X (I am 11+4 btw)

Twinkletowedelephant Mon 06-Mar-17 08:19:38

When pregnant with my daughter I was sick every day and just felt awful.

My second pregnancy.... Nothing - no symptoms, no tiredness or sore boobs. I felt great right up untill I had TWINS.

At the scan I expected them to say no your not pregnant.. but no two babies (boys)

FiveMinutesAlone Mon 06-Mar-17 11:39:51

DS1 - no symptoms other than getting more tired than usual, and no periods, until he was big enough for me to feel his movements.

DS2 - I noticed an improved sense of smell very early, but again, only other symptoms were more tiredness and no periods until he was big enough for me to feel movements.

DS3 - more symptoms, I had nausea with him but only vomited once. However, with DS3, I also had spotting on and off in the first 12 weeks, which hadn't happened with the first two DC.

So with every pregnancy I couldn't make myself believe that it was a real pregnancy that would last, until I'd been to the 12 week scan and they'd said all looked fine. It's very difficult not to worry about it.

MrsBac83 Mon 06-Mar-17 13:03:40

I'm 35 weeks today and have had minimal symptoms too. I know what you mean about doubting yourself (your body) I half expected sonographer to tell me I had been imagining it at 12 week scan. Thankfully she didn't!

Just thank your lucky stars you're not suffering much. I've heard awful stories about sickness etc so I'm very grateful!! smile

Dexterslab Mon 06-Mar-17 13:09:28

I barely had any symptoms or signs early on in my first pregnancy, I remember nearly crying waiting to go into my scan as I was convinced I had made it up! Seven weeks with number two and I feel nauseous all the time, and drained but that's probably because I have a toddler to run around after!

user1480264544 Mon 06-Mar-17 13:11:14

I'm now 19 weeks and have had no symptoms since about 9 weeks! But baby Is perfectly happy and healthy! With first daughter I was sick as a dig for about 5/6 months so I've found it hard and full of worry this time. Do be greatful your not suffering too much 😊 X

Frazzled2207 Mon 06-Mar-17 13:12:48

I was v sick the first time but like you describe the second. Around the 12 weeks mark however both times my trousers started feeling a bit tight!

steppemum Mon 06-Mar-17 13:44:33

I am always surprised that people symptom spot early on on mn. In my experience I would not have known I was pregnant if I hadn't done a test. Some nausea, but not if I had breakfast. Bit tired, bit nothing that couldn't be put down to period stuff, bad day, late night etc.

In fact the one pregnancy where I had very strong symptoms, lots of nausea for example (but never actually sick) I lost that baby due to miscarriage. When I talked to the midwife about having strong symptoms, she said sometimes it can be a sign that your hormone levels are out of balance, and so it isn't necessarily a good thing/sign. So having few symptoms is fine!

Choccyhobnob Mon 06-Mar-17 15:18:36

I had no symptoms apart from tiredness and hunger! Booked an 8 week scan to check I wasn't imagining it! Couldn't do my jeans up by 16 weeks though lol

Laurad04 Sun 12-Mar-17 06:59:12

Hi stepmum88. I hope all is well with you? I just remembered I said I'd keep u updated. We had our first scan on Thursday just gone, and all is well smile. I found i was 13 weeks so 1 week fyrther than i thought. Your scan is this Tuesday isn't it? X

CluelessMummy Sun 12-Mar-17 07:11:18

Don't panic OP, everyone is different. In my first trimester I simply became tired so that I'd have a little nap in the afternoons at the weekend and get an early night midweek. No smell aversions or queasiness at all - I counted myself extremely lucky! My poor colleague threw up all day every day for four months and was miserable with it. Any hot food smells in the office would set her off! Best of luck for your scan and congrats xx

kshaw Sun 12-Mar-17 07:26:38

I had that little symptoms I believed the false negative tests twice - didn't get a positive until 10 weeks...I'm 32 weeks and other than heartburn (and a massive wriggling bump!) I've no other symptoms! Good luck for the scan - I was a nervous wreck thinking I'd just made it up in my head as no symptoms!

stepmum88 Sun 12-Mar-17 10:15:10

Laura- Thankyou for thinking of me!!' Am still scared- not sure how to react tbh. My Mum is very over excited& doesn't quite get why I'm not there yet...DH has been through this before (I have a 7yr old Step son), so feeling a little 'on my own'- seems like everyone wants to tell me their story. Trying to keep calm 😊 x

Laurad04 Thu 16-Mar-17 06:50:25

Hi stepmum88, have you had your scan now? How was everything? I hope all went ok. Aww try not feel on ur own, just because your partner already has a son doesn't mean his experience with you will feel any different to him. Every pregnanxy is different smile X

stepmum88 Thu 16-Mar-17 12:14:26

Laurad4- Thankyou 😊 the scan went well- I have a very wriggly baby!! Didn't want to stay still for the measurements. Keeping positive- telling the step son tonight so hopefully all will go ok. X

sweetchilli77 Thu 16-Mar-17 12:33:49

I could of wrote your post myself, and if i hadn't of tested i probably wouldn't even know i was pregnant.

I feel god has paid me back though when I hit 30 week plus (now 34)
Nausea, back pain, hip pain, a bit of GD thrown in for good measure .The tiredness is unreal but when you cant sleep at night due to above mentioned, its no joke sad

No I'm trying to deal with a cold, a toddler and being pregnant.
The joys eh smile

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