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Low lying placenta 16 weeks

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chelle85 Fri 03-Mar-17 19:51:30

Anyone told they had a low lying placenta in early pregnancy that moved up before 20 weeks scan? I've not been told how low and I am getting so depressed with having to take things easy as I am normally super active and a lot of my social life is at the gym. Really hoping it will have moved up by next scan but not sure if I am being overly optimistic and not actually been given any measurements or told if it is covering my cervix at all. After 20 week scan if it is low been told they will do one at 32-34 weeks but that feels like forever so would love to hear from anyone who did have this prior to 20 weeks but had resolved by scan

haveacupoftea Fri 03-Mar-17 20:26:04

Were you told to take it easy? I had a low lying placenta at my gender scan at 18 weeks and at my 20 week scan 3 weeks later but have been allowed to continue as normal and have had no bleeding or ill effects so far. 16 weeks is very early to diagnose you with a low lying placenta.

chelle85 Fri 03-Mar-17 21:14:50

I had a bleed at 11 wks that they didn't diagnose a reason for. For last 10 days I have had brown spotting so got sent for checks. I have cervical ectropian which is likely the cause of the spotting and when they scanned me she said I had a low placenta and that may explain why I bled earlier. I have asked the question about exercise several times but can't get a straight answer but basically been told they don't recommend me exercising while I am bleeding. If I knew it was harmless irritation of the cervical ectropion then I would feel happy to carry on but I don't want to risk another bleed like the early one as that would put baby at risk

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