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Doctors always late with seeing people - Could possibly miss my travel for Holiday.

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user1476968120 Fri 03-Mar-17 11:56:09

Hey everyone, I just wanna start off by saying that I know some people are going to question ''Why is Holiday more important than my baby'' That is NOT the point of my post at all. Nothing is more important, However, I would like some advice on this situation. I posted just under a week ago about a missed appointment and how the midwife just turned up on my doorstep, and basically made me feel like crap for something that wasn't my fault. If you're interested in the back story to this post here is the link, Please read that if you don't understand my rambling :p

How, New problem. I called first thing Monday morning and got my whooping cough injection booked and tried to book this appointment/check up that the midwife told me I HAD to have that week, When I did, I was told I had to wait two weeks because there were no appointments available. Ok fair enough, Out of my control. However, The appointment they have given me is only about an hour or so before my train leaves as I'm going away on Holiday as it will be my birthday.

My tickets/travel was already booked as this has been planned for months. My only worry is that I will have two appointments, My whooping cough injection and then only twenty minutes later is my check up.

As I'm sure its the same with every doctor, Mine is ALWAYS and I honestly mean always behind with their appointment times. At least by thirty.. if not forty minutes. So I'm a little worried I'm going to be called in late for one and miss the other.

Would it be unreasonable of me if, I haven't been called in for the one appointment by the time my second arrives, To tell the receptionist to just rearrange it as I can't wait around any longer? By it I mean the second appointment

It wouldn't be my fault if I missed one appointment because they booked the two so close together, But I can't be waiting around all day. My only worry is since as almost all replies on my first post pointed out, They clearly missed something and took two months to notify me of a missed appointment I didn't even know I had, Then tried to pass the blame onto me, I then had to wait a further two weeks for the appointment to be rearranged and now might miss is due to the fact they are always behind on appointments, They might try and make out that I either don't care or are trying to miss appointments.

Its not the case at all!

I don't really know what to do, There is no point in phoning them or mentioning to them about the problem because they will just say they can't control the appointments and if the doctors/nurses are running behind which is fair enough, but I also don't think that its fair that they gave me two different appointments with two different doctors, knowing I won't have time to do both.

Should I just phone them and rearrange it straight away now? Or leave it to the day and tell them there-and-then?

P.S I really want to stretch the fact that in the 21 years I've been going to this doctor, I've never had an appointment on time, their always behind, Which is where my worry for this has come from. That's all. Also to anyone asking why did I take these appointments on the day I'm leaving, I didn't realise how close together the times were until I double checked the time of my train. Thanks :D

endofthelinefinally Fri 03-Mar-17 11:58:17

Ring and rebook.
Just tell them it clashes with another appointment.

user1476968120 Fri 03-Mar-17 12:01:16

Thats the thing, I don't want them to think that im not taking it seriously if I rearrange it and ''red flag me'' or something. Im doing the best I can with this pregnancy as its my first and scared im going to do something wrong.

WaitroseCoffeeCostaCup Fri 03-Mar-17 12:04:14

You're massively over thinking this. Just ring and rearrange.

juneau Fri 03-Mar-17 12:05:57

I wouldn't put yourself under so much stress OP. Ring them up and tell them about the clash - one hour to rush from a doctor's appt to catch a train? I wouldn't do it. Just rebook for when you get back (and enjoy your holiday).

Branleuse Fri 03-Mar-17 12:06:15

cant you have your whooping cough jab when you come back from holiday instead'?

just phone and rearrange

DuggeeHugs Fri 03-Mar-17 12:06:42

From your first thread it seemed like there was a simple misunderstanding that you needed to book appointments with your midwife whilst all hospital appointments are made at the hospital end.

That being the case, I can't see why rebooking would be an issue.

Sidge Fri 03-Mar-17 12:19:51

Your whooping cough injection will take about 5 minutes and will be with the practice nurse. I doubt that appointment will make you miss the second appointment.

But your post is confusing. Is the second appointment with a GP in the same surgery as the first appointment? Is your train one hour after your GP appointment? How far is it from the surgery to the train station?

If you're worried you'll miss the appointment just rebook it. How many weeks are you? Why don't you book it for the week you get back?

PoochiePie Wed 08-Mar-17 01:08:49

You could show up super early to your appointment? I know it's annoying for you but when I see my patients if someone is there early (even if it's like an hour early) and especially if it's a quick appointment I'll see them first. There's usually always someone that's late and there's a random pause with nobody to see, and getting the early person over and done with when you have a minute means you're then not behind if you do get a longer patient.

PS sorry for our tardiness - it's not intentional, it's just that 10 minutes is not enough time to deliver good care to the majority of patients - and if something complex comes in, it kinda throws it all off.

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