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Hey everyone 😀

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Lucybeauchamp10 Fri 03-Mar-17 10:04:33

Hi everyone I've been driving myself mad I was on my period on 12th January 2017 and was ment to come on 12th February didn't come on I felt really sick around 9th Feb 2017 so don't a test it was neg and then I done a anougher test on the 15th of Feb and it was faint and then done anougher one on 18th of Feb how far everyone reakon il be ? Done a clear blue on 20th and it said 2-3weeks thanks advance 😀

GreedyDuck Fri 03-Mar-17 11:19:37

You date from the start of your last period, so from the 12th January you are 7 weeks and 1 day (usually expressed as 7+1).

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