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How did you tell your colleagues that you're pregnant?

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TileTileTile Fri 03-Mar-17 10:03:30

Hi, I've told my boss and his boss already, but not sure how I tell the rest of the team. I feel a bit weird sending an email out, but I also feel a bit weird going round telling people one by one to their faces. Lol. I'm just a bit shy with these things and hate to make a fuss!

How did you do it and did it work out well? Thanks!

thetigerthatcamefortea Fri 03-Mar-17 10:06:22

Oh Crikey I know how you feel. I was the same.
I told the only person that I worked closely with. Who's response was a very awkward "I know what you have been doing!" 😕
It then got around the office fairly quickly once my boss told a director who came to congratulate me. I don't remember having to actually tell people after those 2.
Good luck
And congratulations!!

NameChange30 Fri 03-Mar-17 10:07:17

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I sent an email - I definitely felt weird about it but it was the most efficient way of doing it! I think I kept it pretty brief and said sorry for announcing by email but it seemed the easiest way. A few people did then come over and congratulate me in person which was nice smile

HailMarys Fri 03-Mar-17 10:09:56

My colleagues had figured it out long before I said anything, from overhearing me throwing up in the loo every ten minutes for weeks. but tactfully remained silent, which I really appreciated.

HecateAntaia Fri 03-Mar-17 10:12:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CumbrianExile Fri 03-Mar-17 10:16:40

I told my boss and the people im really close to at work. This was after the 12 week scan and telling close friends and family. Then dh announced on Facebook and everyone else either found out on fb or office gossip!

NameChange30 Fri 03-Mar-17 10:21:10

I had told my boss and couple of other colleagues before sending an email. Tbh I felt a bit weird about some people knowing and others not, so I preferred to announce it rather than letting the news spread (also didn't want to assume that people would care enough to talk about it!)

toomuchtimereadingthreads2016 Fri 03-Mar-17 10:43:32

Same here for not wanting to make a fuss! Had my scan the day before we broke up for christmas, so took in some mince pies and when everyone naturally gravitated towards the staff room I told those stood closest to me including the noisiest girl in the office so her squeals and congratulations and questions would tell everyone else and I wouldn't have to repeat to everyone lol-. There are only 15 of us though! Congrats!

DuggeeHugs Fri 03-Mar-17 10:57:02

I didn't want a fuss so told my boss at 13 weeks but asked for privacy. At 24 weeks I emailed the other mangers in my team just before I went on holiday. By the time I got back it was obvious to everyone else!

Raisinbrain Fri 03-Mar-17 10:57:49

I know what you mean. After having told my boss I announced it on Facebook where I'm friends with a couple of colleagues who then spread the news about.

TileTileTile Fri 03-Mar-17 11:41:12

Eek! I'm trying to draft an email but honestly it's so cringe worthy. I keep thinking folk will be imagining us DTD blush

GirlElephant Fri 03-Mar-17 11:43:31

If you prefer email then send it. But I just told people casually, word got around within a few hours so I had a mix of telling people & thanking them for their good wishes


NameChange30 Fri 03-Mar-17 12:11:56

Bahaha, no one will be thinking about that! If you keep the email factual and to the point it won't be cringe-worthy.

mimiholls Fri 03-Mar-17 12:31:49

God I feel you I found this painfully awkward. I went round telling people in person. It felt so cringe worthy. You could bring some cakes in and send an email round saying there's cakes to celebrate your news?

PotteringAlong Fri 03-Mar-17 12:33:46

Don't. Tell the people you are friendly with face to face, let the rest work it out.

MrsGB2225 Fri 03-Mar-17 12:34:28

I did an email and cakes at my desk (my boss & close work Friends knew before anyway. It was something along the lines of 'I'm not fat, just pregnant' because id already put on a stone or so blush

ButtMuncher Fri 03-Mar-17 12:45:15

I told the colleague I sit next to, who I was close to when I was early stages as I had a lot of pain and nausea. I told my manager at 12w and I had my scan before going into work so people sort of found out from there. I didn't do any announcement or anything. It made it worse that DS's Dad works down the hall from me so everyone was patting him on the back and winking grin

ThermoScan Fri 03-Mar-17 12:50:50

Told my manager.Then sent a light hearted email to the rest of the staff along the lines of "In case you are wondering why I look fat it's because I'm pregnant." Agree with pp though that you don't have to tell them directly unless need to for risk assessment etc; most people work it out & will have talked amongst themselves speculating if you are or not..

mimiholls Fri 03-Mar-17 13:54:47

I think in most lines of work you can't not tell people. If you're having meetings about ongoing projects etc you find yourself discussing things you're not going to be there to implement. People need to know when youre leaving for a start. I know its awkward but I think it's even more weird not to tell people.

NutellaLawson Fri 03-Mar-17 14:03:47

I made a batch of cupcakes. Half of them had pink icing and the other half had blue icing. I sent an email to all announcing the news and that they could 'vote' which sex they thought it would be by choosing a cupcake. The last remaining cupcake was pink so more people voted boy. I had a girl.

Catherinebee85 Fri 03-Mar-17 14:06:56

I just had to tell the people I was working with on each shift because I work in mental health. By the time I'd told a couple of people everyone seemed to know anyway. Bloody gossips!

TileTileTile Fri 03-Mar-17 14:39:30

Thanks for the replies. I do feel like to need to tell the whole team as I work on projects and this will impact what tasks I can take on since I'll be leaving in the middle of a big project delivery. Also, people I work with are split across different countries and locations, most of them are in my office tho.

I like the cake idea so I'll do that, and will send the email to the whole team, but obviously only those in my office will be able to have the cakes.

Thanks! Xxx

BikeRunSki Fri 03-Mar-17 15:59:02

I told my boss, and told her I'd never felt so ill in my life. That evening I was admitted to hospital with hyperemisis. When I returned to work 8 weeks later she'd told everyone for me.

Notyetthere Fri 03-Mar-17 17:24:16

Told my boss very early on, I was sick and needed time off. I also told a couple of close friends at work. I then openly conversed about with my those who knew making sure others were within ear shot of our conversation. I didn't really announce but word naturally got round.

Notyetthere Fri 03-Mar-17 17:24:21

Told my boss very early on, I was sick and needed time off. I also told a couple of close friends at work. I then openly conversed about with my those who knew making sure others were within ear shot of our conversation. I didn't really announce but word naturally got round.

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