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Early pregnancy blues.

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user1488222922 Thu 02-Mar-17 17:00:36

I am 22 and pregnant and I am depressed. I think. I am in my final year of university and feel I am missing out on so much, I can't go clubbing with my friends, go to birthday parties and I am probably going to be missing the university summer ball and graduation ball which I was so looking forward to.
I just wake up every morning thinking about what I am missing out on.
I feel guilty for feeling this way

HN42 Thu 02-Mar-17 22:05:14

When are you due? I know you might not have told your friends you're pregnant yet but if you want to go out, do it, it might make you feel better. Obviously you will have to avoid drinking and coming up with excuses may be difficult but you can have fun without alcohol. Being pregnant doesn't mean you can't socialise, party, attend summer balls. If you want to go to these things go to them, you'll just have to get yourself a nice maternity dress if you go to the ball.

Is there someone at the university you can talk to about how you are feeling? They often have very good support/counselling services where someone can listen to you and give you impartial advice.

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