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Weird Discharge 10w pregnant

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tabletopsbs6 Thu 02-Mar-17 13:43:32

I posted this in the antenatal club board, but if anyone else could shed some light / experience too, that would be greatly appreciated! smile

Has anyone else experienced any weird discharge their pregnancy??

I had slight spotting at 4w and 6w - literally only a wipe and that was that. Have had a couple of early scans confirming everything okay thus far...

Now for the TMI.. I've had almost very very light caramel coloured discharged this morning. It's nowhere near dark enough to be classed as brown, and not pink enough to be classed as pink. I also had come mild cramping - but I was also constipated and needed to (finally!) go.

It's not a lot of discharge, just a regular amount but the colour seems a little off to me... normal?

I'm circa 10w tomorrow and this is (successful) pregnancy #1

Thanks! x

tabletopsbs6 Thu 02-Mar-17 13:43:53


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