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Spotting? Staining? 7-8 weeks

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Corrinax Thu 02-Mar-17 07:17:10


So far the only symptoms iv had is sore nipples, last night i went toilet and when i wiped there was slight pinkish staining on the tissue, im coming upto 8 weeks!

No pain just paranoia.....woke up in the night for a wee and again this morning and seems to b clear now so just wondering how normal this is and if anyone knows when the placenta attaches to the wall?

I see the midwife today 1st appointment so i will ask her too

babyunicornvomit Thu 02-Mar-17 07:25:21

Try not to worry - I was more worried that I DIDNT get this as I saw so many women saying they had it between 6 and 10 weeks! Use your judgement, if you're in pain or actually bleeding, get seen. Otherwise try not to worry and just ask your midwife smile

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Thu 02-Mar-17 07:26:42

I'm currently expecting dc5 & I'm a compulsive knicker checker. For me when this has happened at this point it's been a sign that I have a subchronic haematoma, basically an area of bleeding within the womb. Sometimes they can be large & threat to baby, sometimes smaller & less of an issue to baby. There are 2 ways for them to go, you can bleed out or they can re absorb (which feels like cramping pains). I've had them with 3/5 & I've usually experienced either a light bleed or just pink discharge, then been referred to epau for a scan.

Do tell your midwife, obviously I'm not a medical professional & that's just what similar symptoms have meant for me, I just wanted to say that it doesn't always mean the worst. Also if you've had sex in the last 24-48 hours you might have irritated your cervix. I hope your appt goes well.

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