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Successful ECV

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LozzaRoseMumOf3tobe Thu 02-Mar-17 04:34:21

Hi anyone else had a successful ECV? I have one yesterday at 37+4, just wanted to know any other stories as I'm in agony!

Importantnotice Thu 02-Mar-17 06:41:49

Not sure if you are meant to be having pain or not so I would urge you to contact your maternity unit to take advice asap.

I did go for an ECV as my son was in a breech position. It wasn't done as it was unfavourable. As it is, I ended up being prepped for a section after a few hours as he wasn't moving and was found that the cord was around his neck. All safe and sound thank God.

Importantnotice Thu 02-Mar-17 06:42:14

Sorry meant to say good luck, am sure it's nothing to worry about flowers

AveEldon Thu 02-Mar-17 06:54:53

You need to call the hospital if you have pain

McBaby Thu 02-Mar-17 06:56:55

I had one at 38 weeks and was induced immediately, but I didn't suffer with any pain during or after the procedure.

If your in pain go back to the hospital.

BBQueen Thu 02-Mar-17 06:57:35

I had a successful one - it took a while and was pretty uncomfortable (my advice is to accept the gas and air when the offer it!). Would have had to stay in hospital for weeks if it hadn't worked, so pleased I did it.

letthefunbegin Thu 02-Mar-17 06:58:06

I had a successful ecv. It was uncomfortable at the time but not afterwards. I'm hoping that you have been in touch with the hospital now and that all is going well.

LozzaRoseMumOf3tobe Fri 03-Mar-17 10:01:43

Hi, so I ended up back in hospital yesterday, everything is ok but they said the pain was "probably" from the ECV, even though I've been getting lots of tightenings, though irregular, no internal was done but midwife and dr said "it could be the start of labour" - that's helpful and if it gets worse come back in! Frustrated isn't the word!

SheepyFun Fri 03-Mar-17 12:30:40

I had an intially successful one (as in DD was turned), but she turned back (she was transverse, so once she'd turned back, I was admitted to hospital at 37+5 until I had a c-section at 39+1). Mine involved some pain, but less than many, and no pain afterwards. Glad you've been back to hospital.

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