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Getting annoyed with antenatal care

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chelle85 Wed 01-Mar-17 20:41:47

I'm 16 weeks today and have been having brown spotting/discharge since last Tuesday after having a heavy red bleed at 11+5. As it was brown I wasn't overly concerned as most of what I have read says unless red bleed or pain its usually not an issue but that all related to 1st trimester and couldn't find anything about 2nd. On Thursday I rang midwife who advised I rang EPU. The clinic was full that day so they said nurse would ring me after clinic. She didn't and I had to ring again next day. Again full clinic but this time she returned call. Didn't ask me anything about the spotting e.g volume, whether it was consistent. Just told me if I started bleeding heavily or got pain to ring back.

So today it is still happening. TMI warning- it is worse after a bowel movement butthen hardly anything for rest of day. Had my 16 wk midwife appt this morning so mentioned again to her and as it has been happening for over a week she thought it would be a good idea to get it checked out so rang EPU while I was there. They weren't sure if they could see me as they only deal with 'up to' 16 wks so she was going to check with nurse and ring back to midwife.

She hadn't returned the call when I left appt so midwife said she would ring once she heard back...lo and phone call

Now I am worried as the midwife clearly thought it should be checked out to ensure it wasn't an issue with my cervix. In the dealings that I have had with EPU they don't seem to care about reassuring people. When I had the big bleed it was just matter of fact well there is nothing we can do if you are miscarrying. Maybe not but speak to me like I have feelings!

Sorry for the rant. Just needed a whinge really!! And hopefully some reassurance from people who had similar spotting in second trimester

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