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Just diagnosed with gd...any advice!?

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Welshy11 Wed 01-Mar-17 15:08:47

Currently 32 weeks pregnant. Been symptomatic since about 25weeks so have been testing bloods 4 times a day. Officially diagnosed yesterday and just had a letter in the post for a growth scan tomorrow and again at 36weeks. Another consultant appt then also. Anyone have any advice you what happens next? Do I lose the opportunity to have a water birth now I am high risk? Also any other tips to help deal with gd?

harleysmammy Wed 01-Mar-17 15:17:15

I got diagnosed yesterday, i also have polyhydramnios too (i know ive spelt it wrong haha). Im 31 weeks but my babys stomach is measuring 39 weeks. I had an appointment with my midwife today who told me what will happen. I've been put on consultant led which you will too, which means you have to give birth on consultant led wards not at a birth center etc. You'll need to keep a very very close eye on your diet, i was given a diet plan which i was told to strictly stick too as that way i know what im eating isnt causing more trouble. It also increases the risk of polyhydramnios which is too much fluid which could lead to pre term labour as the waters stretch the womb too much and they break early, i have it and they said thats the only risk. Because my babies stomach is 9 weeks bigger, i have to have scans every 2 weeks and because your higher risk of having a big baby they will probably send you for growth scans every 4 weeks. I only have them every 2 because he's so much bigger than just a week or too. Just make sure you follow a healthy diet otherwise you'll make it worse for yourself, but if you're consultant led which you should be now, its manageable and you can control it xx

TipBoov Wed 01-Mar-17 15:21:30

Basically, ignore the NHS diet advice and join the Facebook group gestational diabetes UK mums. I stayed diet controlled thanks to that group.

drinkyourmilk Wed 01-Mar-17 15:52:52

I'm on a low carb/gi, high fat diet. I basically eat protein and veg. I can tolerate a small amount of carbs- so 2-3 new potatoes, 2 tablespoons of rice, 1 tablespoon of pasta. I've found cheese is my friend! Lentils too. I can tolerate apples and blueberries when combined with protein- so full fat naural your or cheese or a hand full if plain nuts. When I'm eating out I generally have a cooked breakfast (minus any bread, potato or beans), or an omelet, or salad, soup is OK so long as there is no pota8a d you don't have the bread. I eat it with 3 cheesy oatcakes. Interestingly Indian curries seem to be fine. I checked my local restaurant - and they only use full fat products, and use no thickening agents in their sauces except ground nuts- so I'll have something like butter chicken with a vegetable side dish and one spoon of rice. I've read that a couple of poppadoms should be OK too - but haven't tried it myself. Baked beans- choose lower sugar/salt versions and have with protein.
My blood sugars are really well controlled, except my fasting one first thing- which is out of your control. I'm now on insulin every evening to control overnight sugars, and metformin.
Now I'm on insulin the birth will be far more medicalised and baby will probably be continually monitored during active labour. I will also be induced at 38 weeks. I have a growth scan every 4 weeks and see the consultant then too. My baby isn't measuring big, so it's not a given you will have a gorgeous chunk. (Of course my scanner Friday could show me wrong! )
Before I was put on medication they said that a water birth was fine, and it's still a possibility depending on baby's reaction to labour - but will need to have a 20 min scan every hour on top of midwife checks. So can't settle and stay in water.
They have said I'll be canulated when active labour begins to allow them to administer insulin/glucose as needed. I will have my blood sugars taken every hour.
when baby is born they will need their blood sugars checking every 3 hours and need to have satisfactory levels 3 in consecutive tests to be discharged. I will be encouraged to bf but baby may need topping up with pre- harvested colostrum or formula if they can't get enough from me direct to keep blood sugars up.
I'll need a test 6 weeks after the birth to check my blood sugar levels, and one each year after that.

Blastandtroph Wed 01-Mar-17 16:03:28

Some great nutritional advice for you already by PP.

If you require a sliding scale (insulin/glucose infusion) in labour (blood sugars under 4/over 7 where I work), I'm afraid a water birth won't be possible. If you remain diet/metformin controlled, a water birth should still be possible. Have you been offered an appointment with the obstetric diabetic team? If so that's a good opportunity to discuss birth choices.

Baby will also need to stay in post-birth for regular blood sugars too for first 48 hours too.

Welshy11 Wed 01-Mar-17 16:31:36

Thank you all for your advice! Met with consultants but have just said it all depends on the size of the baby and how well diet controls it. Since started Wibsey the symptoms it's been generally well controlled but have had a couple of peaks hence why they now have said I have it for definite. Will discuss the labour options at next appt just wanted to prepare myself incase I can't have my first choice of labour. Primary concern is he is healthy when he comes out though so willing to do anything they tell me too!

123happymummy Wed 01-Mar-17 18:26:17

I had gd on my 1st I kept 2 a good diet & was losing healthy weight. I dont think u can have water birth as they have insulin at the ready 4 u just incase im sure i asked. My little boy was born at 6lb 13oz although they said he was goin 2 b big & a had a perfect labour. Hope this helped and good luck xxx

BouncingBlueberry Wed 01-Mar-17 18:53:28

I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. So far I've been on diet controlled and you'd be surprised by what differences certain foods make. Bran flakes send my sugars loopy. Just be sensible and to start with its trial and error. I've got a check up and a scan tomorrow so I'm hoping for positive news. I ring my levels in once a week and last week they said they may be able to put me on monitoring every other day, testing my blood 7 times a day is starting to get boring now.

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