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Miscarriage at 8 weeks - what to expect?

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Chintaria Tue 28-Feb-17 19:14:32

Sorry for posting this in Pregnancy, but have had no response on the Miscarriage board...

Started bleeding y'day and it's got steadily heavier today, with cramps increasing. I just want to know what to expect really, and what I need to look out for as signs to go to the hospital if necessary (although I hope it won't be)? I get horrendous periods so am pretty nervous 😖

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

Helbelle75 Tue 28-Feb-17 19:37:48

So sorry, I went through this last year (at 10.5 weeks) and it wasn't nice.
You'll need your practical head on this evening. Have lots of thick pads in (can you send someone out to get them? ) and some old towels.
Hve some paracetamol handy for the pain.
I started having what felt like contractions and then losing lots of clots. I pretty much camped out in the bathroom. My body took over and knew exactly what to do. As it eased, I went to bed, lying on a towel.
I did go into hospital as they said if I was filling a pad every hour, then to go in for fluids.
I kept passing clots sporadically over the next 48 hours, then finally the placenta and that was it, apart from some bleeding for the next week.
Everyone is different though, so see how you feel.
The worst bit was the emotional bit afterwards. Make sure you have plenty of support around you and look after yourself. It hit me like a brick and i ended up having counselling. Be ready to feel irrationally angry around babies and pregnant women.
Happily I conceived again relatively quickly and am now 34 weeks pregnant. I will never forget our first little bean though.
Keep talking on here and hope you're ok.

Snowflakes1122 Tue 28-Feb-17 19:43:17

I'm so sorry you're going through this. sad

My miscarriage was missed (13 weeks) so it took intervention in hospital to get things moving, but I'll try to offer some advice.

The pain wasn't too bad, you can take paracetamol but not aspirin for any pain you may get.

It terms of signs to look out for, feeling feverish, weak, sleepy, losing too much blood too fast etc.

I suffered the above complications, but it's very rare.

The fact your body has started the process of its own accord should hopefully mean things go smoothly.

A hot water bottle and friendly face around would probably help you right now. It's a tough time, so let out any emotions you might have. It's good to talk through it.

Afterwards things to look out for are any odd or smelly discharge, a high temp etc that could indicate infection. Again, unlikely but keep an eye out.

Look after yourself. You'll get through this flowers

HotDawg123 Tue 28-Feb-17 20:20:08

I had a MC in May at 8 weeks
Started as blood when I wiped
Then the clots came
I rang 111 and they said as long I wasn't loosing a "cup of blood" an hour to just sit it out and they would "fax my doctor"
Anyway 2 days later I had some horrible stomach pain so I rang the doctor and he told me it's all normal and it will be over soon.
He obviously had a conscience as the next day he rang me and said he had been thinking and would like me to go to the hospital for a scan.
I went and the scan confirmed nothing was left.
I conceived again a month later and am due to give birth in 3 weeks.

Hope you'll be ok x

Chintaria Tue 28-Feb-17 20:29:23

Thanks so much all of you. Thankfully I have 2 children already (and have been squeezing them tightly today!) I've had losses before, but never been through a natural miscarriage.
Before between ds (10) and dd (3) I was pregnant a number of times, but tbh had forgotten how heartwrenchingly sad miscarriage is. I'm 41 now, this pregnancy was a surprise (and was twins although one stopped developing a couple of weeks ago), and I can't imagine that dh will be up for putting ourselves through this again sad This was my last chance really, I feel so sad it's ending like this 😢

Chintaria Tue 28-Feb-17 20:29:55

PS Congrats Hotdawg, and good luck with the birth!

putputput Tue 28-Feb-17 20:34:53

Hot water bottle, lots of really heavy duty sanitary towels and lots of emotional support.
There is a brilliant thread in the miscarriage topic which tells you all the practical things to expect. I will have a look for you.
Bleeding can go on for weeks, but will ebb and flow. At times it will be really heavy, they say that if you are soaking through a maxi pad in an hour then seek medical help.
Keep taking your pregnancy vitamins as your iron levels will need the extra help.
You may pass the pregnancy sac, this can be really traumatic but try and prepare yourself that it may happen.
Keep in touch with your early pregnancy unit and ring them for advice, they know a lot more than any gp.
It's a horrible time, allow yourself time to grieve, but time will help eventually.

PlayOnWurtz Tue 28-Feb-17 20:45:04

So sorry for your loss.
It will get heavier, you'll pass clots and if you miscarry naturally you will pass "tissue" this is different to the clots. I found that once I passed this the bleeding eased off and stopped a day or so lighter. It is painful but not overly so if you're used to horrendous periods.

Be gentle to yourself and your partner and support each other through this time


PlayOnWurtz Tue 28-Feb-17 20:45:45

Sleep on a towel when the bleeding gets heavy and if you soak a super towel in under an hour go straight to hospital.

Oly5 Tue 28-Feb-17 20:56:56

I'm 41 too and miscarried at eight weeks. I didn't find it painful, just lots of clots. Bleeding lasted a few days.
It's a sad time but we're trying again. hope you're ok

Impatientwino Tue 28-Feb-17 21:07:00

Some brilliant advice on here - if you want to do more reading in the miscarriage topic is a thread called the practicalities of miscarriage which is incredibly useful.

Sorry for your loss flowers

TeamLentil Tue 28-Feb-17 21:12:21

I am so sorry.

I miscarried at 9 weeks last month. Started with "normal" bleeding and cramps, then the cramps really ramped up and as I was coming out of the shower I passed the sac sad. From there on the pain subsided and then it was like having a regular period except that it lasted two weeks.

As everyone said, make sure you have tons of heavy duty pads (no tampons!). In about two weeks you should take a pregnancy test and if it still shows positive, then go for a scan as there might be some blood/tissue still left that could cause infection.

Athome77 Tue 28-Feb-17 21:18:02

Have lost one at 9 weeks (and one at 5 and one at 16). It was ok, just stayed at home in comfy clothes and wore big pads. Dr said if it didnt pass go in (my pregnancy tests were showing negative). It all passed quite easily, I know others don't have it so easy.

beck3001 Wed 01-Mar-17 11:40:18

Hi, I miscarried at 13 weeks but everything had stopped growing by 7.

I had pretty awful pain which I wasn't expecting, mine started in the bath so I drained my bath and just sat under the shower until I felt ready to move.
Thick pads, heat source on your back and lower stomach as that really helps the pain.
Also, try to have someone with you that would be able to help you maybe shower, get dressed etc as this actually really helped me as the blood was pretty heavy and trying to stay clean and dry by the time I got my clothes on from the shower was havoc!
I hope it passes easily for you though and I'm so sorry for your loss! flowers

DappledThings Wed 01-Mar-17 13:15:04

Very similar experience to others, mine was at 10 weeks. I found the pain ramped up every few hours and each time was a build up to passing big clots and tissue. Make sure someone is with you, I fainted on he toilet, managed to shout to DH as I felt myself going and he caught me before I whacked my head on the bath.

Trust your experience of the pain. After 7 days it got worse for me, I was sure that wasn't right and it was pure agony. Went to A&E and was told some of it was stuck causing the pain and had to be scraped out. If the pain becomes unbearable don't hesitate to get yourself seen. To be more positive once I'd had the remains scraped out the pain disappeared almost instantaneously and reverted to mild cramps and very light bleeding

Isah83Palma Mon 11-Sep-17 11:53:08

Hi there... unfortunately I'm going through the same. Last Friday (my first scan) they couldn't find a heart beat. Devastating news for me. They give 3 options and I opted for the natural one. It will come out... naturally hopefully. I just do t know what to expect...I'm quite anxious 😢

Oscarcole123 Mon 11-Sep-17 17:32:30

I don't know if this is right place to post but can't find anywhere else to post. Im 9 weeks today, started with brown blood on Friday at 3ish had no pain just a bit uncomfortable I went to a&e but they did nothing nor did they tell me I was having a mc. The blood then started being bright red I didn't fill a pad but everytime I wiped there was a lot of red blood. This continued Saturday and Sunday. It's now slowed down a lot. I've only passed one small clot on Friday night but can't get a scan ATM as my docter was too busy to refer me and a&e decided I wasn't a priority as not bleeding heavily or in lots of pain. I'm fairly sure it's not going to be good as it was too much blood to be nothing. But don't think I've passed enough for mc, could it be? Xx

Shoora Sat 07-Jul-18 08:08:14

Ive gone through an early miscarriage this week. I dont know what to expect with pain or blood loss. Can anyone help?

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