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41+1 and struggling!

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user1484383294 Tue 28-Feb-17 09:31:13

I shouldn't still be here!! sad
So today I'm 41 weeks + 1 and it's my child's 6th birthday on Thursday (2 days) and his birthday party on Friday. I'm taking 16 children trampolining.
Due to be induced on Saturday morning so now I'm in an odd situation where I don't want her to come til Saturday now!
So she's bound to come on Thursday, right? grin

Isadora2007 Tue 28-Feb-17 09:35:26

Yep. Labour Wednesday night i reckon!!

There are 3 days between my DDs birthdays and I actually moved my induction date to the day after her birthday. Little monkey thankfully came early (well 8 days after EDD instead of 12/13!) and I was home in time for other dds 9th birthday.

Their EDDs were the same!

user1484383294 Tue 28-Feb-17 09:41:45

This one was due on 20th February and my first was due on 19th February! He was 11 days late. Fingers crossed it happens quickly and I can carry on with everything! No rest for the wicked grin

Isadora2007 Sun 05-Mar-17 23:21:18

Baby news???

user1484383294 Mon 06-Mar-17 07:44:10

Baby Isabelle was born on 2nd March, my first one's 6th birthday, at 12.38pm weighing 8 pounds 6. Still in hospital unfortunately after a short stay in intensive care for a chest infection but hopefully we will be home and settled tomorrow smile

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