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Thesp00kykids Mon 27-Feb-17 08:30:36

So my partner and I have been ttc for a few months now.
Last month I missed a period and had very light spotting over a week with pains in my womb area....pair that with 'typical' pregnancy symptoms( sore boobs, lower back pain, bad acid reflux and nausea). I have it a week and did a pregnancy test which came up negative. I was absolutely gutted as really feel pregnant. I thought it may be too early so waited then did another and still coming up as negative. I'm so confused I feel different, I feel pregnant. I'm bloated and feel like I have weird pressure around my womb but because of the negatives I just forgot about it. The problem is recently I have had Thrush paired with cystitis ( sorry for TMI) which again, leads me to believe I could be pregnant as these are more common in pregnancy and I haven't had either for years. I took treatment for both and now I'm really upset and scared, I didn't think to look at the packaging and it says not suitable to take when pregnant.
I know I got negatives but I feel so different and all the symptoms are there sad
I'm now really worried incase I am pregnant and I have harmed the baby by taking these medicines by being stupid and not reading the box sad such an idiot... I can't get to the doctors till next week either so just looking for advice on both things. I've heard you can get symptoms if you really want to be pregnant but I don't think it's that.
Looking for advice and a hand hold..thankyou

user1468957349 Mon 27-Feb-17 08:44:01

Even if you were pregnant, from what you've said it would be too early to do any damage anyway as the baby would not yet be taking from your blood supply. I'm assuming you're within your 2ww or very close to it? Have you missed a period yet? I was getting phantom symptoms for months when ttc but when it was the real thing I genuinely knew and there was no doubt in my mind. I waited until missing AF to test and got a strong positive. If you've not yet missed AF wait to test again. In the meantime try not to worry x

Thesp00kykids Mon 27-Feb-17 08:54:58

Yes I have missed a period (this was a few weeks ago ) maybe cause I want it so badly it's just a phantom . I feel so confused . The fact I have to wait for the doctor is making me more worried. Thanks so much for replying biscuit

user1468957349 Tue 28-Feb-17 14:31:17

Hope you manage to get sorted and some definitive answers with the GP x

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