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Flu jab wiped you out?

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lou230717 Sun 26-Feb-17 15:42:22

Two weeks ago, I found out I was pregnant. Had my scan and I'm 19 weeks today. The midwife gave me a flu jab on Wednesday and I have been struck by the worst cold/flu like symptoms I've had in years. I don't normally believe in having a flu jab as think I'm healthy enough for my body to fight off by itself. But the thought of protecting bump and providing immunity swayed me. Since Friday I have been in bed. Aching all over, blocked nose, painful face, teeth, ears everywhere. Has anyone else felt like this and know if there is anything other than paracetamol I can take. I will be calling the midwife tomorrow if no better. Thanks!

Sewingbeatshousework Sun 26-Feb-17 15:51:13

Yes it can make you achey & very tired (I get it every year as have asthma), it can't give you a cold or flu though. I got mine last week along with whooping cough, I was told it could bring on a fever too, it didn't thankfully.

Unfortunately nothing more than paracetamol will help 😣 Hope you improve soon!

I'm also 19 weeks today 😁

Mummyh2016 Sun 26-Feb-17 16:03:45

I didn't think you were supposed to have your whooping cough jab until after 20 weeks as the benefits of having it won't be passed on to your baby? Maybe it's different everywhere but my midwife told me to call for mine after my 20 week scan, the nurse wouldn't do it without checking my notes to make sure I was definetly past 20 weeks.

Nothing you can take other than paracetamol I'm sorry sad I had it a couple of weeks ago, the only think I could do was buy some nice tissues to stop my nose getting ripped to shreds. I put my head over a steaming bowl of water to try and ease the congestion which seemed to work.

lou230717 Sun 26-Feb-17 16:13:29

Thanks. It seems so trivial and I know things will get much worse from here. I have felt amazing up until now and it's just made me to start to panic about other stuff now and how I'll cope. I'm sure it will clear up soon and I'll be back to being excited and upbeat again. It just knocked it out of me. I haven't had my whooping cough yet. Hope that's not the same!
Aww congrats on 19 weeks today! Only had my scan on Wednesday then got my 20 week one on 7th smile
Thanks, I'll give the head over steaming hot water a go now!

Sewingbeatshousework Sun 26-Feb-17 16:40:42

Hmm my midwife told me to wait til after 16wks, and nurse who gave me the jag asked how many weeks I was. However just checked nhs website & it says ideally from 20 weeks after the scan 😡

My next scan is 9th march 😊 - I've known I was expecting since before my period was due though so it feels like I've been pregnant forever already.

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