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Is there a limit on decaf tea?

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Jellybabie3 Sun 26-Feb-17 13:46:09

Sorry if this js another stupid question but is there a limit on how much decaf tea i can drink? As long as i stay below 200mg caffeine of course

ExpectoPatronummmm Sun 26-Feb-17 15:14:59

No you can drink as much decaf as you like
This was told to me by my midwife

HLBug Sun 26-Feb-17 15:22:46

Decaf does include some caffeine- small amounts though.

Jellybabie3 Sun 26-Feb-17 15:31:01

Thanks ☺ starting to be able to stomach it again which is a relief. Think if i even look at squash at the mo i will go green 😕

ItchyFoot Sun 26-Feb-17 15:33:57

I drank normal tea while pregnant. At least 2 cups a day for the last 3 months of both pregnancies so I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm glad you're starting to feel better. It's such a relief

Jellybabie3 Sun 26-Feb-17 15:58:30

Yes me too ☺ i walked to town (about a mile or so) on Friday and couldve cried i was so relieved. Couldnt stand for more than 10min last few weeks.

Thanks for your help x

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