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Obstetrician Recommendation Needed

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MiniBump2017 Sat 25-Feb-17 02:06:26

Hi all

DH and I have been thinking about going private and visited Portland, Lindo and C&W

Does anyone have any recommendations for an obstetrician? Its my first pregnancy, and I'm having rough time so far so am looking for someone who is patient / will take time to explain things / choices available - not someone who will just clinically deal with me.

Any one have any good recommendations / reviews?


Out2pasture Sat 25-Feb-17 02:20:05

My dd had Dr. Gubby A. for her vbac pregnancy and delivery. I'm a maternity nurse and liked her nature, she was calm efficient, and gentle.
C&W did however seem disorganized when we called saying dd was in labour and coming in. But upon arrival the care was very good.

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