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Organ screening test - feeling scared

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user1483387154 Fri 24-Feb-17 18:46:19

I am 21 weeks pregnant and have my organ screening scan on Tuesday. We missed the abnormality screening at 12 weeks as they did not have any appointments free to do it and this is the next one that can be done that may show something.

I am so stressed and scared that something will be wrong. I have had 2 previous miscariages and am 39 years old. We did not know I was pregnant until 8 weeks in and I was drinking during this time. I have been to hospital twice, once because I got an electric shock and the second time for bleeding (at 16 weeks) and was kept in for 3 days. I know It doesn't help that I suffer from anxiety and stress related panic attacks, as it seems to make the whole situation feel worse.

I guess I am just looking for some empathy as it is even affecting my sleep now.

Thanks for listening/reading

Notsure1234 Sat 25-Feb-17 07:46:55

Hi, I don't have any useful advice but it must be awful waiting that long to have some reassurance. Did you get a scan at 16 weeks with the bleeding?

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