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Time to test?

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dubdurbs Fri 24-Feb-17 14:13:33

After having a miscarriage last year, we have been taking things easy and not actively trying, and I've not allowed myself to get in any way excited. Periods have all been normal, I've always been regular as clockwork. However, I've just finished a 2 day period that was more dark mucus than menstrual fluid, and my lower back still aches. Have had dreadful headaches the last few mornings, but have been putting that down to not getting sufficient rest as we have a house guest. I spoke with DM last night who thinks a test in in order, but I guess i'm feeling a bit reticent after the excitement and then the crushing disappointment of my very long and drawn out miscarriage.

Should I test? Should I wait to see if i miss my next period? I'm not normally this indecisive confused

user1487946285 Fri 24-Feb-17 15:10:50

I felt the same after having so many MC but told myself I have to do the test because if I wasn't pregnant something else was wrong. Turned out I am pregnant and its hard not to get excited but now I can do my best to try keep things in order. I wish you luck.

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