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Fluid around Ovary

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confusedat23 Fri 24-Feb-17 12:22:00

Hi ladies... i'm currently 5+1 weeks pregnant but i have already had some complications that i wonder if anyone else coupd help with.

I had a scan and 48 hour bloods done on monday as have been having severe pain on my right hand side of my womb area and they wanted to rule out ectopic. Bloods went from 94.5 to 243 in 48 hoirs so doctors happy its probably not ectopic. When i had the scan they said my right Ovary is inflamed and I have free fluid surrounding my ovary.

Has anyone else had experience of this?

beautyandthebump Fri 24-Feb-17 13:25:27


Yes I had something very similar in my current pregnancy too.

I was also scanned early for the same reasons, and was also found to have an enlarged ovary but otherwise all ok. It's just inflammation post ovulation and because of corpus luteum it continues to exist following conception. For me, it was likely due to having taken prescribed ovary stimulating drugs previously and so ovaries were a bit more reactive but regardless just to add, that they were unconcerned and it has caused no further issue. As pregnancy has progresses it is shrinking and the pain disappeared around 9/10 weeks.

Still larger than the other, but doctors are not concerned and say it's just because that's the ovary with released the egg, and that it will come back to normally eventually once hormones subside.

jpeg28 Fri 24-Feb-17 18:38:29

Yes I had the exact same thing in this pregnancy. They never figured out exactly what it was, possibly a cyst, and it did cause me some bleeding from 5-13 weeks. But after that all was fine and at my scan the said the ovary was back to normal. I was scanned initially because I had pain and bleeding so they wondered about ectopic but it wasn't.

confusedat23 Sun 26-Feb-17 07:56:02

Thank so much for your help ladies! Its really reassuring that you have both carried on in the pregnancy fine. Just another question though... how did you cope with the pain? I am literally living with my hot water bottle just to get through the day!

beautyandthebump Sun 26-Feb-17 18:25:36

Ooh - careful using a hot water bottle. I was advised not to in early pregnancy (google it for more info!). But paracetamol is safe so I took that but honestly the pain soon went at around 9 weeks as I said.

What I later thought was still ovary pain, turned out to be "round ligament pain" blush .. Could this be what you have? (Everything stretching in anticipation?) It can be quite sharp at times, especially after you move, and it's def worse on my left side, which so happens seems to be the offended ovary side but is apparently unrelated. Just a thought!

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