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Worried over nothing?

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yasfci Fri 24-Feb-17 09:55:15

Hi all,

I'm 24 and this is my first pregnancy, and don't want to hassle my GP over every little thing.
I'm currently 17 weeks and 3 days and morning sickness has subsided (thankfully) but i'm starting to get stiches at the top of my belly on the left side since the beginning of the week and not sure if this is something i should be worried about? I did get stiches before at the bottom of my belly as read that this was normal but this is now at the top? I haven't been assigned a midwife yet and i haven't felt any movements yet. Did anyone else feel these pains so high up and did it take so long for you to be assigned a midwife?

MyBreadIsEggy Fri 24-Feb-17 09:57:50

It will more than likely be all your ligaments stretching to make room for your growing baby smile After all, those ligaments and muscles have never had to stretch before!
Also, as your baby gets bigger, all your internal organs have to shift about a bit to make space.

drinkyourmilk Fri 24-Feb-17 10:53:10

I've had these pains all over my tummy- bottom, top and sides. I think it's just where everything is stretching. As I got bigger it sometimes felt like I had bruises inside. I'd say all normal.
Re midwife- I had my midwife booking in appointment at 9 weeks. Between 8-12 weeks I think is normal. I'd maybe ask for the midwifery service number and check you are on their books. How did you have your 12 week scan booked in?

arbrighton Fri 24-Feb-17 10:58:01

You really need to chase the midwife thing.

google your local service- I can find the number for mine that way or ask GP receptionists.

Don't just wait for it or you'll be missing more appts

yasfci Fri 24-Feb-17 11:14:48

I had my booking appointment at around 8 weeks if i remember correctly, that was done once i told my GP and referred me. Then I had a scan at 13 weeks which was sent to me in the post. When i was in the antenatal clinic getting it done i was given my glucose date and second scan date. I was initially told that i would get a call from my local midwife at 16 weeks, but i didn't hear anything from that last week so on Tuesday this week i called up and they told me to wait for a call next week and if i don't hear from them to call up end of the week. I think they must be short staffed as i'm sure they would be able to see me quicker if they could?

harleysmammy Fri 24-Feb-17 14:27:09

The midwife thing really needs to be chased up, its poor service if you still havent got one at 17 weeks! They're supposed to give 16 week appointments to every pregnant woman, its nhs protocol. (Im pregnant and also work in l&d). The stitch thing is probably totally normal, i've had them all the way through even when doing sweet nothing. Im 31 weeks and all is fine smile x

yasfci Sun 26-Feb-17 01:42:44

I will definetly be chasing up the mw first thing Monday morning. First pregnancy so wasn't really sure what to expect with both myself and mw appointments. thank you all for the advice !

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