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Looking around Maternity Ward tomorrow

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nursebickypegs Thu 23-Feb-17 17:09:22

Unfortunately due to Bub's heart condition, we are having to go to a hospital which I've never been before.

I've asked to go and look at the Maternity Ward tomorrow to get use to the surroundings, meet staff and ask some questions. I'm having a planned CS.

What did or what would you ask? So far I have;

How long do I need to stay for?
May my husband stay?
Visiting hours?
CQC report/Staffing Levels?

I'm asking about my husband staying as we are having to drive an hour there along back roads (the joys of no maternity ward in our local town!) and he's only just passed his test. It's no biggie if he can't, I'll book him in at the premier inn across the road wink

Thank you!

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