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Hot tub / jacuzzi in pregnancy

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user1480264544 Thu 23-Feb-17 16:47:24

I'm almost 18 weeks pregnant and I have a spa break tomorrow. Would it be safe to use the hot tub as I've seen lots say yes and lots say no x

TheTartOfAsgard Thu 23-Feb-17 16:51:22

I work at a holiday resort that has hot tubs in the cabins. It's advised not to use them whilst pregnant.

zambean Thu 23-Feb-17 19:01:01

I would, personally. If you feel too hot, get out.

DarkestBeforeDawn Thu 23-Feb-17 19:11:17

It's about over heating. I have used them in all of my pregnancies and it's been absolutely fine. Keep really well hydrated and just get out if you get too hot/regular intervals to cool off. Enjoy!!

TestingTestingWonTooFree Thu 23-Feb-17 19:29:18

I went on a hen do with half a dozen GPs. They were agreed hot tubs were out in pregnancy, but couldn't agree why. I didn't think it could just be heat, as you're likely to have a hotter bath. I imagine they're a breeding ground for bacteria potentially.

Jellybabie3 Thu 23-Feb-17 19:45:14

Hi OP. I had a spa break booked 1 day after my BFP. I consequently had to cancel treatments as the venue would not allow me to have them. There were also signs on the jacuzzi that pregnant women are not allowed in. I queried it and apparently the difference between a hot tub and bath is that a bath cools down quickly whereas the temp in a hot tub stays constant allowing your core temp to rise. I didnt go in but dangled legs in from the edge. That said others have!!

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