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Letting agent worries

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Bryfry Thu 23-Feb-17 11:51:26

Hi ladies!

FTM to be and due in July!! We currently rent a 1 bed house and are looking for a 2 bed in our area. We have had a few viewings and no one has commented on pregnancy or mat leave situation until now.

I called an agent this morning to book a viewing for a house. He asked about children and I said we are expecting in July. He immediately got flustered and asked about my partners income. He did not ask my income or what my maternity pay is or even how long I would be taking. Acted as though I would be making no contribution. Then promptly told me that he couldn't proceed as my partners income was not enough. I challenged him as I am actually getting a great maternity package and we will have more than enough to cover but he said it made no difference and I would not pass referencing??

I was so shocked by his tone and dismissal that I just put the phone down but now I am feeling really upset.

Does this count as pregnancy discrimination and he doesn't know what he's talking about or will I actually face problems passing referencing for a property even though we can afford it? Rentals are very competitive in My area and I am worried we will not find anywhere!

Any help or advice would be great!

Gallavich Thu 23-Feb-17 11:55:24

You'll probably find it easier if you stay put until after maternity leave to be honest. It's not discrimination (well it is, but not something you could pursue)

Bryfry Thu 23-Feb-17 12:15:43

Thanks for your reply I know there's nothing I could pursue more just wandering if he is right that I won't pass a reference check or if they just didn't want to go ahead because I'm pregnant.

We might end up staying where we are but it's so small I just worry we won't have enough space with baby stuff as well!! Hopefully something will turn up 😀

RedCrab Thu 23-Feb-17 12:24:39

Small babies really don't take up a lot of space and given the SIDS advice is to have them in the bedroom with you until six months, you might find that a second bedroom is not used for a while anyway. So it might just be easier and less stressful for you to stay where you are, as a PP post suggested, until you actually need the second bedroom. In that time you could perhaps save as much as you can so that when you do move, if you're still on maternity leave, you could offer several months rent in advance to secure a property.

We rent and have children so believe me, I know the feeling. But it might just be a lot of stress and worry over something you probably won't need for several months after the baby is born. Path of least resistance is sometimes easier smile Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Bryfry Thu 23-Feb-17 12:39:15

Thanks for your reply!

You are right I think we may just have to stay where we are for a little while! Would not be the end of the world I just thought it would be easier before baby is born. I'll tell OH to chuck some PlayStation games to make room 😂

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