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Food Aversions

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Laura2507 Wed 22-Feb-17 22:53:20


I'm 15 weeks, I've had severe sickness and nausea and as a result have had major aversions to most food and drink. The sickness and nausea is finally starting subside but the food aversions are still strong.

I've not had any chocolate since 19th December (that's when I stopped my advent calendar I still need to finish grin) and I used to eat chocolate daily! cups of tea, lattes, cereals, porridge... all my pre pregnancy favourite foods have been two months or more since I had them! Milk based stuff seems to be the worst.

Did others find this went back to normal some point during pregnancy or do I have to wait until my baby's birth day to finally enjoy a cup of tea again!

Is it worth trying to force myself to try these things again?

harleysmammy Wed 22-Feb-17 23:50:03

I wouldnt force yourself to eat things but when i was early pregnant, i went off everything..not always because i didnt like it anymore but because it made me feel sick just looking at it. Most of it came back when i was mid second trimester but im now 30 weeks and i dont like different things now. I think it all changes at different stages, or it could just go altogether. Like i said, dont force yourself to eat things but i hated noodles when i was around 10 weeks but because i wasnt eating and was chucking up any small thing i did eat, i had to force something down me and noodles seemed like the lightest option. Once i'd persuaded myself to have one more mouthful, it had all gone and my love for noodles came back. If its making you really sick, dont eat it but maybe try and push yourself to eat things. It will change, and you will start liking all of those things again soon im sure x

10storeylovesong Thu 23-Feb-17 09:19:00

I went off nearly everything during my first pregnancy but by second trimester I could eat most things apart from curry, anything sweet and oranges (all my fave things pre pregnancy). It actually took until quite a few months after having baby before I could face them. My mum still can't face cauliflower after going off it when pregnant with me - I'm 34. This time round I can't stand any hot drink, oranges again, and minced meat. I'm hoping it passes soon!

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