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Appetite is through the roof

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timealone Wed 22-Feb-17 22:28:14

I'm only 8 weeks pregnant but have already put on 5 lbs. My appetite seems to be endless and I'm eating everything in sight. I know I'm very lucky to not have any morning sickness, but am feeling pretty low after having eaten about 5 slices of bread with various toppings this evening. Is anyone in the same boat or can advise on some strategies to combat the appetite?!

Gardenbirdy Thu 23-Feb-17 07:18:44

I can't offer any advice but I'm in the same boat! Currently 18 wks and always hungry, DH threatened to do an intervention between me and the bread bin last week grin
For the first 12 wks the only time I didn't feel sick was when I was actually eating, and since then I'm just hungry all the time. For rubbish carby stuff too, and I wasn't like this at all with my first! I'm not even sure if I'm starting to show now or if it's just all the weight I've put on, sigh...

Surreyblah Thu 23-Feb-17 07:22:32

Think you just need to accept that you'll feel hungry and (if you can) try not to make poor food choices and overeat!

cookieswirls Thu 23-Feb-17 07:24:04

This was me. I had twins smile

beansbananas Thu 23-Feb-17 07:42:47

I was both ravenous and extremely sick for the first 4 months... then it really calmed down. I put on a bit more in the first trimester but it levelled out in the second as my appetite was more manageable. I think it's hard to avoid really, and you just have to listen to your body and eat as healthily as possible. (Although crisps and sandwiches were all I wanted!). I found I wanted really savoury things at that stage... saltier the better. Now all I want at 29 weeks is cake, milk shake and sweets!

timealone Sun 26-Feb-17 00:10:56

Thanks, good to hear I'm not alone! I've tried to stick to three meals and healthy snacks the last couple of days and am feeling much better with myself. My three meals are good proper meals though, so don't worry I'm not starving myself! I felt I just needed to get back on track snap out of it as I was making poor food choices really.

m33r Sun 26-Feb-17 07:51:48

I put 10lbs on in he first 12 weeks due to eating loads but now 17weeks and haven't gained any more. Listen to your body would be my advice. Make sure you are responding to your body and not just developed a habit would be my only advice but think you are totally fine xx

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