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Can I tell if baby is engaged??

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user1467752848 Wed 22-Feb-17 04:47:54

Hi I am currently 36+4 week, iv been feeling like the bottom of my tummy and up inside and outside vagina is bruised and am constantly running to the toliet every five minutes for small pees. I was wondering if this is a sign my daughter is engaged? Also heavy pressure down below from time to time

Semaphorically Wed 22-Feb-17 05:02:08

That's similar to how I felt when DD was engaged. You might also feel very waddly - it's hard to walk with a head in your pelvis!

user1467752848 Wed 22-Feb-17 05:34:46

Yes I am finding it sore to walk as well and also been taking about 4 BH a day and shooting pains up inside me. Got my 36week checkup tomorrow so excited to learn if my little lady is engaged or not smile

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