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Heartbeat at 6wks, None at 8wks

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Mumtonone Tue 21-Feb-17 20:26:36

Not really sinking in, and feeling utterly confused.

Scanned at 4wks(thought it was 6wks), to see sac but no heart beat. Rescanned two weeks later and heart beat found, dated 6wks at this point.

Queue four weeks of general illness; sickness bug, strep throat and a heavy cold courtesy of my two year old. Sunday was my first day of feeling human, then Sunday evening I was feeling pressure round my stomach and experienced light pink bleeding, although nothing excessive.

Called EPU yesterday and was kept in overnight; consultant didn't seem overly concerned about pregnancy more about the potential of a DVT, due to prior history.

Scans today came back negative for DVT, but found no heart beat. Scan was both ultrasound and internal. Dated pregnancy 7+4, when I should be 8+3 according to last scan.

I have another scan scheduled for Monday to reconfirm, and have asked for surgical op as I don't think I can face waiting to miscarry.

Is there any way the scan can be incorrect? The normal ultrasound showed my bladder was empty, can this effect detecting a heartbeat - external and internal? Measuring 7wks, would mean baby died just last week, or simply measuring small if there was a heartbeat.

I know I'm probably clutching at straws, but so wishing that it's just a mistake.

Advice on what to expect from the op, would also be appreciated.

missymousey Tue 21-Feb-17 22:24:42

I don't really have any advice but am thinking of you. What a horribly confusing time! I just hope you get some clarity at least, and preferably good news as well, on Monday. flowers

Re the op, if you do need it, if it's like after I miscarried then you'll be completely under anaesthetic and in theatre only 20 minutes or so, so try not to worry on that count. I hope you get some sleep tonight.

Badgerbird Tue 21-Feb-17 23:23:32

So sorry to read this, what a scary time for you. It's horribly hard to know but best to wait and see what scans say. I've been there and I'm sorry you're having to wait and go through this flowers

I've had 2 d and e's and was logistically very straight forward. It's under general anaesthetic and I was fortunate not to have physical pain or bleeding after but everyone is different.

Thinking of you.

Mumtonone Wed 22-Feb-17 18:14:04

Thanks Missymouse and Badgerbird.

I think hope is dwindling now, I have had brown discharge today, so looks like a miscarriage is imminent.

Was hoping to hold out to next week for the op, but worried now I won't be able to. Terrified as to what to expect; I get fairly bad period cramps and worried that this is going to be so much worse - hence why the op was more appealing.

missymousey Thu 23-Feb-17 22:19:43

How are you doing? Hope last night / today was not too bad.

Mumtonone Fri 24-Feb-17 13:16:38

Not much change Missymousey, thanks for asking.

Discharge is gradually increasing, moving from brown to reddy-brown (sorry tmi). Had cramps last night, took painkiller and seemed to settle. More cramps this morning, with contraction type waves - but seem to have eased off again.

Feels like a waiting game, and I'm so terribly impatient. Just want it to do it now, or hold out till op next week.

My DS turns three next week, and I've organised a party at a local hall on Sunday with bouncy castle, soft play, balloons and food. I'm terrified I'll miss it and I'm struggling now to get the last minute details organised. It's worrying enough to face everybody and put on a 'happy' face, but I just don't want him to be affected by everything that's happening. And I'm so looking forward to seeing his face when he sees everything.

SofsMum17 Fri 24-Feb-17 19:07:13

Wanted to add my sympathies- been through three m/cs myself, two of them at almost exactly this same point in the pregnancy. It is such a blow, and the not-knowing-for-sure is awful. I wanted to reassure you though as someone who also has heavy periods, neither m/c was significantly worse than a normal (for me) period. If it does turn out you are miscarrying, consider avoiding surgery if you can face letting nature take its course, I've heard there's a small chance this may affect ability to conceive and carry in the future, although this should be weighed in light of your feelings towards either process. Hugs and hope you get the support you need. Xx

Applebite Fri 24-Feb-17 22:54:05

flowers for you, OP. Hope you're doing ok.

Mumtonone Sat 25-Feb-17 16:43:51

Pains have got progressively worse, with pain relief having little affect and little impact on passing product.

Called hospital and have now been admitted. D&C organised for the morning, so will miss my like boys birthday party - totally gutted.

On liquid morphine as well as max strength tablets and still struggling with the cramps. Hopefully all over tomorrow though. xxx

Notsure1234 Sat 25-Feb-17 17:39:24

Oh I'm so sorry flowers

How awful to miss the party too. I hope the D&C goes smoothly and hopefully you should be pretty much pain free after the procedure xx

Badgerbird Mon 27-Feb-17 18:53:00

Oh god I'm so so sorry. Such a sad thing to go through. Try not to rush into "feeling better" and take the time you need to grieve and heal. flowers

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