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Mothercare Parent-to-be Events - Worth It?

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abeandhalo Tue 21-Feb-17 18:54:57

Has anyone been to one of these in store events and was it worth it?

We're not sure whether to go, the one we are able to attend is quite far away for a weekday evening.

Our baby is due in about 7 weeks, we've bought most things so not necessarily looking for advice on prams, etc, although still need a few bits like maybe a breast pump.

Is there anything good in the goodie bags?

abeandhalo Wed 22-Feb-17 06:53:40

Bump - anyone been to one?

fuckoffdailysnail Wed 22-Feb-17 07:01:05

I've been to two (one with each pregnancy) they had loads of stuff heavily reduced and vouchers for baby groups etc I'd say definitely worth a visit

user1468957349 Wed 22-Feb-17 07:37:25

I didn't manage to get to a mothercare one but did go to a Mamas & Papas one. Like you we had to travel a fair way and we're disappointed to be honest. Offers etc on the night were poor and information lacking. Goodie bag was ok but not worth the journey we made. Hopefully the mothercare one is a bit better!

PixieMiss Wed 22-Feb-17 08:46:06

I went to a mothercare one and enjoyed it! If I remember correctly we were split into 5 groups and rotated around talks on pushchairs, car seats, sleeping, feeding and a safety talk from a professional.

We also got a goody bag with some samples in and a voucher.

I would definitely recommend as you will more than likely learn something new and if not, you still have the voucher!

peanutbutter310 Wed 22-Feb-17 08:47:14

I went to one on Monday. The talks weren't brilliant, but got 10% off everything bought in store on the night. So if you have any big items left to purchase that may make the trip worthwhile.

MrsJW15 Wed 22-Feb-17 11:22:55

Peanutbutter we are booked to go tomorrow. The time they've given us is 6.30-9. Are you expected to be there for the whole thing or just to drop in?

harleysmammy Wed 22-Feb-17 12:26:53

Absolutely! I bought a silver cross pram 2 weeks ago (actually my dad bought it lol), we took £700 with us as the pram was supposed to be £500 and then £150 with the car seat. We turned up and it was £350 with the car seat! Because it was a show model as well, we got 10% off and it came with a rain cover, a matching silver cross changing bag and a sun umbrella for no extra cash! That was the event in newport in wales so i dont know if they'll have them everywhere but totally totally worth going to them, everything is so heavily reduced!

peanutbutter310 Wed 22-Feb-17 13:33:40

JW They registered us and gave a little introductory chat at 6:30pm, but after that it was very unstructured. We stayed a little over an hour, at which point I'd say about half the crowd were still there.

DEMum101 Wed 22-Feb-17 14:04:47

Thanks for this OP. Have just found one near me and booked it. I will report back. We already have most stuff from previous child but may need a new car seat so this could be ideal timing.

BTW for those that have been to one, are children allowed? We have a 7yo and may have to bring her with us but I have only been able to reserve two tickets.

fuckoffdailysnail Wed 22-Feb-17 16:06:43

Both times I went there were a few kids it was fine

abeandhalo Wed 22-Feb-17 18:13:33

Thanks all, as we have got pretty much everything now it doesn't sound like it would be worth the long journey for us, wish we'd known about them months ago!

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