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Pregnancy after loss (pregnancy symptoms)

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AllaboutsheZ Tue 21-Feb-17 11:43:25

Long story short without identifying myself too much confused...
I was previously pregnant with twins. After going into premature labour, one of our babies was stillborn (for health reasons that were unpreventable). Other baby did well, and is now healthy and doing well (although slightly behind with some aspects of development). We have also had several miscarriages in the past, but I am currently taking medication that should prevent this happening again.

I am now 12 weeks pregnant (planned), and I am feeling extremely nervous. We had a private early scan for reassurance, and baby had a nice strong heartbeat and was growing well. This pregnancy has been completely different (I know they're not all the same), but one day il have every single pregnancy symptom and then il go a few days without any and then back to loads of pregnancy symptoms. Is this normal? Has anyone else had this too? It's making me really nervous when I have no symptoms.

I've also been getting really bad wind blush, and it gives me horrendous cramps. I have my 12 week scan next week, and I'm sure il feel a little better after that. I just think it's such a long wait in between scans! Do you think if I mention my anxiety and concerns to my midwife, that they may offer additional scans?

Thanks for reading smile

oliversmummy26 Tue 21-Feb-17 14:53:00

Hi allabout and congratulations on your pregnancy smile

I had been suffering from constant all day nausea since about 6 weeks and at around 9 weeks my nausea was a bit stop start. Some days I felt great and had my energy back, others I felt terrible again. I think around 9/10 weeks symptoms can start to peter out but it's not until 12 weeks ish that the placenta starts to take over and your hormones aren't so all over the place! smile

I have also been having terrible wind, sometimes I get awful cramps too, so I think it's all completely normal what you're feeling and going through. Unfortunately pregnancy is hardwork, and the 1st trimester certainly isn't easy!

It's completely natural to be anxious about your scan, the wait between scans does feel interminable, so I completely understand where you're coming from. My 12 week is next Monday and I know that as soon as that's done I'll be counting down the days until my 20 week scan!

It can't hurt to ask your MW for more scans, but to be honest I doubt you'll be offered any unless there's a medical need. I think the private scans tend to come down in price after 12/13 weeks though, so that might be an option?

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