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Induction/c section

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JessieMillz25 Tue 21-Feb-17 06:46:34

Hello, this is my first pregnancy and I feel very naive even asking this! I have had a lot of mental health issues this pregnancy and they are just heightening as the pregnancy progresses to the point when some days they are unbearable. I am in touch with the mental health midwifery team and on medication and do yoga/meditation ect. I am due in 9 weeks and feel with the support around me I can make it those nine weeks without a complete mental break but am terrified about going any further than that. Can I ask to be induced on my due date simply because of anxiety? Or to have a c section? I know it's not something to be rushed into but I feel like having a certain date to count down to would make this a lot easier on my mental health. Sorry if I came across really ignorant here or needy. I don't know anyone in real life who has been in a similar situation 🙊

drinkyourmilk Tue 21-Feb-17 10:07:23

I think it's definitely worth asking for a consultants appointment to discuss this.
I was very concerned about going overdue because of age, and even though it's not protocol in my trust (missed cut off by a few months) my midwife was able to get me an appointment.
As it happens I've now developed gestational diabetes- so will be induced at 38 weeks.
However any Dr worth their salt is going to listen to your concerns, and will try to balance the needs of the mother with the safety of the baby.
I think at the least they can reassure you what will be the most likely course of action should you go overdue, and times scales.
At best they may agree to either a planned induction or csection.
Best of luck. flowers

Lunalovepud Tue 21-Feb-17 11:30:14

Hi Jessie I echo PPs advice to ask for a consultant appointment to discuss. You can request a c section due to a medical reason - mental health being a medical reason. Make a list of all of your concerns and worries and why you want to be induced / have a section and take it with you to see the consultant. Please discuss with your midwife and your mental health team first too, as they may be able to support your request.

At the very least, even if they turn down your request for induction or a section, they should be able to explain to you what the plan would be should you go overdue and hopefully reassure you that there is a firm plan in place. Maybe once you have some definite dates and a plan you may feel better?

Good luck with everything and keep well.

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