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feels need to pee without urine, after third degree tear..

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fang2016 Mon 20-Feb-17 23:11:49

Hope this is the right forum..
I'm 5 months after my first birth, had a vaccum birth with third degree tear. since the birth sometimes I feel need to pee but there's no urine.and the pressure hurts. First time it happened I went to the hospital and they checked the bladder was empty.
In the last two times, it happened after like two weeks of quiet and I'm really starting to despair. today it happened after I sweeped the floor a bit.
It seems like the doctors don't know anything about it. they always ask if I suffer from incontinence etc but when I tell them about my problem it seems they dont know what to say.
Anyone here experienced something like this? any advices? will it stop in a few more months?

I feel like I cant plan anything because maybe I'll feel it again and need to rest.. ):

thanks in advance

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