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Terrible and constant back ache! :(

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user1480264544 Mon 20-Feb-17 14:56:34

I'm 17 + 2 and suffering with the worst backaches I've ever experienced it's constant and it's making me so miserable!! Any tips or advice on what to do? I work in retail and I'm on my feet.. (part time) it's just a dull ache with occasional shooting pains! Any advice appreciated x

babyunicornvomit Mon 20-Feb-17 23:18:41

Very similar here - 16+5 and atrocious back pains. Actually ended up in hospital today checking over a chest infection and asked for something to help the awful back pain. Doctor gave me codeine which is much stronger than paracetamol and I'm feeling much better already! Make a GP appintment and say how much your back hurts and some strong painkillers would really benefit you - they are addictive though so you have to monitor your use. Also I found stretching, yoga (if I'm up to it) and sleeping with a pillow under my back/front/side where the pain is really helps. Start feeling better soon! xx

ShowMeTheWayHome Tue 21-Feb-17 09:22:40

I would go to the physio. My pelvis keeps becoming misaligned and causes awful backache. Physio says it's down to the pregnancy hormones loosening ligaments etc.

Sparklyuggs Tue 21-Feb-17 09:28:38

Get referred to a maternity physio. I'm 17+4 and saw one yesterday (existing pelvic condition) and there's a lot they can do to help you so you aren't in pain.

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