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Painful illness please help

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babyunicornvomit Mon 20-Feb-17 14:49:23

Boyfriend had a chesty cough and threw up once starting Saturday morning. He's on the mend now so it's been about 48 hours. I started coughing last night around 8pm, by midnight had hot and cold shakes and hardly slept due to the cough on my chest.
Today woken up and been sick 3 times, painfully. Chest and throat killing and lowerback in absolute agony. Since the last time I threw up a place on my tummy has felt painful, above belly button to the left. Head feels achy and I'm quite shaky and cold although my head is hot.

17 weeks pregnant so need to eat but every time I do it comes back up. I've had all my morning sickness and it doesn't feel like that.

in pain and don't know what to do x

MumBeth Mon 20-Feb-17 16:06:35

To put your mind at ease about the pain in your belly, it might be a strained muscle from throwing up (I suffered with strained muscles due to vomitting in 1st trimester). Best to go straight to walk in centre or call Triage (number should be on the front of your maternity record) or call 111. They'll all be able to tell you what to do. Most likely they'll want you to go to hospital to check you and baby are okay as it does sound like you might have a fever.

Get well soon xx

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