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Gestational diabetes 33 weeks

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JJ1612 Mon 20-Feb-17 11:28:38

I recently went for a BP check with my midwife and they found quite a high amount of glucose in my urine so have asked me to go for the gestational diabetes test. My appointment isn't for another few weeks, when I will be coming up to 33 weeks.
I just wondered what will happen if it comes back I do have GD. Is it too late to do anything? Also, I checked my blood sugars at work after eating and they were 7.4 but I can't find any advice on advisory blood sugar levels in pregnancy. Any information would be helpful

minipie Mon 20-Feb-17 11:40:37

How long after eating did you check - as there are different target levels depending on time after eating. I think the target is under 7.8 one hour after eating, or under 6.4 two hours after eating. here is the NICE guidance on GD.

It's definitely not too late to do anything. Basically the key is aiming to avoid blood sugar spikes - which means eating little and often, and low GI. So avoid sugar or foods with added sugar, avoid simple carbs (bread, cereal, mashed or baked potato are the worst offenders). Reduced amounts of other carby foods. Increase protein and fat as they reduce the GI of your meal. Eat little and often - eg a snack of nuts or cheese between meals, and smaller meals.

If your levels get too high and diet doesn't help they may give you medication (metformin or insulin). However yours doesn't sound too bad so if you can be strict on diet I suspect you may manage without.

Anyway that's IF you have GD, you may not!

BouncingBlueberry Mon 20-Feb-17 12:19:48

Hi I've recently been disagnised with GD. My fasting level so the measurement I take before food has to ideally be below 6 and then I take my blood again an hour later and it has to ideally be below 8. It's fairly easy to keep on top of just don't be silly about things. My biggest naughty was fruit juice/smoothies although I don't drink fizzy pop and I'm not a massive crisp/carb fiend. If you want to make changes pre the test two good cook books to get recipes out of are anything by Madeleine Shaw or clean eating Alice. I use these all the time and the food is tasty and I don't go hungry. It helps that my OH is also following the restrictions.
When I first found out I had GD I felt like I had a sentence out on me and my life was over, it's really not that bad and won't last forever.

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