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Morning sickness 14 weeks

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user1470244422 Mon 20-Feb-17 07:32:17

I still get morning sickness and I'm 14+1 weeks
It makes me really ill yesterday I couldn't get out of bed because I felt so run down I had sickness a migraine
I've got a little boy and he's 4 to look after too ... I've told the doctor but he says it's because the anitbiotics I'm on. I've been off work for weeks because of the sickness.
Does anyone know of anything that will help me feel better? 😞

babyboyHarrison Mon 20-Feb-17 07:50:32

You may have hyperememesis. There is a support thread on here that can give you advice. Try these websites


There is medication that you may be able to take but often you do have to pressure the doctors. Have they checked your keytones when you've seen them. Little sticks they dip in your wee. You can buy them from your pharmacist for a few pounds. Basically they tell you if you are dehydrated and if you are burning your fat reserves because you aren't managing to eat enough calories. My keytones went so high I was admitted to hospital and put on IV anti sickness meds and drips to rehydrate me.

It is horrific and very isolating feeling so bad. Try and talk to some friends about it. Mine didn't go till childbirth but it is absolutely worth it and I chose to have a second child despite knowing how sick I would be.
Good luck.

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