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Discomfort & Light Bleed

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Mumtonone Sun 19-Feb-17 23:17:17

8+1 today. Have had slight discomfort on the left hand side twice today. When I feel the area it feels hard. First time was this morning, and passed fairly quickly after I went to the loo (sorry tmi).

Pain came back again this evening and again went to toilet. This time I have light pink bleeding.

Nothing I can do tonight. Going to wait and see what happens overnight, and planning to call Early Pregnancy Unit in the morning.

Should I be overly worried...?

Smurf123 Sun 19-Feb-17 23:23:09

Can't help really with what to do. But I can sympathise.. I'm in a similar situation I'm about 5ish weeks. Just been to the bathroom to have some red/ pinkish bleeding. Not really alot and was just when I wipe (sorry tmi). But it is terrifying all the same. I think like you I will try ringing epu in the morning also.
Hope all is OK for you .

Mumtonone Sun 19-Feb-17 23:29:32

Hey Smurf. Sorry you're in a similar position.

I think I've freaked my husband out by telling him. He wanted to go the hospital immediately. I'm trying to be rational, might be fine, might not - only time will tell and there's probably not a lot the hospital can do to help at this stage.

But yeah, don't think I'll sleep well tonight.

Mine was the same, light pink and only when I wipe. Altho' I have a solid sensation on my left side - which is weird.

Hope you are okay. {{{hugs}}}

Mumtonone Mon 20-Feb-17 14:30:40

Okay, so phoned EPU this morning. Got voicemail asking to leave a message, kept trying for over an hour to see if I could get through to a person but consistently got the same.

So left a voicemail message. The message said they would call back within four hours. It's now going on six hours. I've called again and left another voicemail.

Bleeding had stopped, although last time I went to the toilet there was a little light brown discharge.

Have worked from home today, in case I got asked to go in. Not sure I'll even get a call back today at this rate. While I'm not overly worried, I'm a bit concerned that they have not got back. Would hate to think someone in a worse position not being given a call.

I'm assuming there has been a backlog from the weekend; or more pressing cases to be dealt with. Still a courtesy call to do a basic triage would be nice.

Did try GP, but their on the day 'emergency' appointments have all gone told to call back tomorrow.

Smurf123 Mon 20-Feb-17 18:01:57

Hi mumtonone I got hold of my epu. Nurse said she thought it sounded like implantation bleeding bit had booked me in for a scan to check whatsv going on. Earliest I can get scan is Friday morning though.
Pink/ red bleeding stopped l fairly quickly part might although I have had some brown discharge/ bleeding today but not a huge amount either.
Hope your doing OK. Keeping my fingers crossed for us both

Mumtonone Tue 21-Feb-17 16:27:28

That's such good news Smurf. Glad everything went well.

Not so positive for us. Got through to EPU after chasing, was asked to attend hospital and kept in overnight. They didn't seem worried re pregnancy more from a DVT, as I have prior history.

Scans today; no DVT detected, which was positive. But pregnancy scan revealed no heartbeat. Have another scan booked for next week to reconfirm and op scheduled for 2nd March. Everything is still sinking in.

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