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GD and weight loss

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haveacupoftea Sun 19-Feb-17 10:38:01

Just wondering if anyone has lost weight after being diagnosed with GD and if it has been a problem?

I was overweight before becoming pregnant and was told to gain between 5-9kg. Now 25 weeks and have gained 3kg so far, the midwife is very pleased with this and said a slow steady gain is the best way.

However I was told on Tuesday that I have GD and have been adjusting my diet accordingly with the result that i've lost half a kilo since then already. I get my monitor on Monday so will be even stricter from then and I can see the weight loss being quite dramatic for the first couple of weeks.

So is it ok since I have the weight to lose and will be continuing to take pregnacare and eat the healthiest options albeit smaller portions? I do worry about baby not growing properly or becoming distressed because I am hungry quite often despite eating normal portion sizes.

BouncingBlueberry Sun 19-Feb-17 10:56:27

I was diagnosed with GD on Wednesday and have been monitoring since. I haven't been weighing myself but I can tell in my clothes that I have lost some weight. This week is a monitoring week where I have to take my levels 7 times a day then report my levels back on Wednesday. So far my levels have all been lower, sometimes a fair bit lower than the guidance levels.
There is still some sweet things I can have, two MnS ginger biscuits with a cup of tea in the afternoon which helps curb any cravings. I can also tolerate berries so been having lots of mixed berries for a pudding.
It's all trial and error in these early days with it but I never feel hungry or like I'm going without (so far). It's my 30th birthday in two weeks so I may feel deprived then when I can't have a glass of bubbly or a slice of cake.

JeNeRegretteRien Mon 20-Feb-17 12:23:06

I think it's normal to lose weight. But as you said, you'll be continuing to eat all the healthy things - you can have lots of protein, dairy and veg because it's only carbs you have to watch for. I also think it probably works the same way as when you can't eat much due to morning sickness - the baby takes what it needs first, so you would become deficient in anything before the baby would. But check with your midwife for reassurance!

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