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Polyhydramnios belly measuring 35 weeks at 31 week appointment.

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InsaneMummyOfThree Sat 18-Feb-17 23:33:30

So exactly as the tital says. Went for 31 week appointment and belly measuring 35 weeks. Referred to have a scan and found out I have polyhydramnios. Already been feeling anxious over baby and it's movements. Had a GTT at 28 weeks and results came back fine. Do you think I have anything to worry about?? Anyone with similar experience. I have also posted this on another thread I started a week or so ago. I'm so worried about something going wrong with the pregnancy. I explained my anxiety to a midwife at the hospital and she recommended I go see the gp for some pills!!!!!! Not sure that's the answer, I just want reassurance that my baby is OK. X

sniggy01 Sun 19-Feb-17 01:02:50

Had this with 3 out of my 4 pregnancies. 3 healthy (big) babies - never found out why it happened but had lots of scans and warnings that there may be a problem with baby but there never was. However hard it is try not to worry - if the midwife is really worried they usually refer you on
Good luck and I hope all is well

InsaneMummyOfThree Sun 19-Feb-17 08:41:39

Thank you for sharing your experience and the supportive words, makes me feel better. My last child was born with craniosynostosis which wasn't picked up till birth so im feeling overly anxious this time. I am under consultant care and we have had extra scans but because they couldn't see well due to my "increased bmi" they gave up. My sons condition in its self isn't life threatening but iv got this overwhelming fear that I'm going to loose this baby before it arrives. I know there is nothing I can do and I'm really am trying to work this out, hence posting here. I suppose by writing down my fears and other people saying it will be fine it does help. Iv never been one to be negative and always try and think logically but can't shake of this feeling I have. X

duffee Sun 19-Feb-17 08:55:21

Sorry for the quick message just wanted to say that I had this in my first pregnancy at same gestation as yourself. I did have gestational diabetes though.
The poly thingy migy corrected itself by 35 weeks so don't worry sometimes it goes back to normal!
Sorry you are worrying. flowers

Atlantis123 Sun 19-Feb-17 09:00:39

I had this too. Diagnosed about the same gestation as you and similar measurements. If I recall correctly i was measuring full term at about 35 weeks and was told to expect to go into labour early. I ended up going overdue.
The biggest implication was feeling very uncomfortable and tired (much mote than other pregnancies). I did not find the cause.

InsaneMummyOfThree Sun 19-Feb-17 09:52:35

Thank you both for your replies, I'm glad it was nothing serious with your little ones and all was OK. Obviously iv turned to doctor Google and read "worst case scenarios" so this stressed me out more!!! Duffee they are re testing me for Gd as a first step so we shall see. Atlantis123 I have been feeling like that since about 25 weeks, very full and Unable to bend or anything. Like you feel when you are full term!!! They did say that I may not feel baby as much as it's got lots of space to swim around in, was this true for you?? They have advised that I keep an eye on movements though and go in if I'm worried. thanks again ladies. X

Atlantis123 Fri 24-Feb-17 14:38:14

I don't recall being told that I would feel less movement but come to think of it the baby didn't seem to kick much but he did stretch at lot and he even somersaulted right up until about 38 weeks!

I was told that the condition could be caused by the baby having some sort of blockage and that when he was born they would put a tube down his throat to check everything was clear. By the time they came to do this he had drunk, wee'd and poo'd and I refused to have it done.

Yes, googled, scared the life out of me too. No advice there, as I just carried on googling and scaring myself but all the many scans were fine and I was clear of GD so other than feeling full term for months it was ok.

vfoster Fri 24-Feb-17 16:07:21

I had this with my first. I didn't have GD and the baby was big but healthy.
I had to be induced because she was big 10lb 10) and they said there was a risk of my waters went by themselves. I have a very vague memory but they said something about the cord coming out with the force of the water? Not sure if that's just me though!
Other than having to be monitored once a week for signs of labour and the baby's heart rate and being induced it didn't really change anything!
I'm pregnant with my second now and they're keeping an eye on it.

InsaneMummyOfThree Fri 24-Feb-17 20:19:39

Thank you for sharing your experiences, I haven't had anymore input from anywhere yet so no updates. It never occurred to me before but last night after googling yet again I realised that it might be related to craniosynostosis like my son had. I'd read that it could be caused by genetic conditions so had another quick Google and it does seem like there may be a link between polyhydramnios and craniosynostosis. After speaking with some other cranio parents it seems polyhydramnios has been a common theme in their pregnancies. I don't know for sure and it's only a theory but now I wouldn't be surprised if this littlet one came out with craniosynostosis. Thanks again, I will keep u updated. X

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