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Breech babies

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harleysmammy Sat 18-Feb-17 12:22:53

I know being breech at 30 weeks isnt an issue yet but my little boy has moved positions more times than the weather. Last week he was head down, then tuesday he was transverse and now hes breech. Im not worried as such that he isnt head down yet because the amount hes turned, he could be by tomorrow, the problem im having is when hes breech movements practically stop or become near impossible to feel. My placenta is in the way and when he's breech, he tucks up behind the placenta meaning i cant feel anything. Normally im used to seeing arms and legs sticking out and getting kicked in the ribs and i dont worry so much. I know if you get no movement or less then you get monitored, but when i went thursday (twice in two weeks) the doctor said he was transverse. Luckily i had a scan yesterday anyway and they said he was breech with his legs over his head and crossed. I wanna leave the breech tilt and exercises where i have to get on all fours until it comes to point, IF it comes to the point, that he's breech at 37 weeks as laying on my back gives me serious headaches now. Is there anything i can do to move him without physically turning him with my hands? (I'd be scared to hurt him). Will walking turn him again? Any ideas x

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