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Positive Pregnancy?

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paigeleeforever182 Sat 18-Feb-17 07:29:08

Hi, so I'm new to this. But my period's not due for another week. I've been spotting, cramping, and feeling sick. So I took a test, and got a VERY faint positive line. I'm a little confused on if it could just be an evap line. But the line appeared about 1-2 mins after taking the test. So I'm also thinking maybe I just took too early? Has anyone else experienced this or have any thoughts as to if it's positive or not?

IMissSleep Sat 18-Feb-17 07:33:16

I took a test and it looked very faint like that. Took another one a day later and the line was darker. I can defo see a line!

paigeleeforever182 Sat 18-Feb-17 07:38:08

Thank you! Wasn't sure if I was just seeing things or not! But I'm thinking maybe it's just too early. I'm gonna try again in a couple of days!

phoebe2016 Sat 18-Feb-17 07:39:47

Definitely a line! Congratulations, you are pregnant! smile

jmariehac Sun 19-Feb-17 17:09:29

I can see one this was my test 6 days before af was due I'd say your preg

paigeleeforever182 Tue 21-Feb-17 04:31:39

Update: Just took a test with First Response. Another faint positive line

peanutbutter2409 Tue 21-Feb-17 05:13:08

Congratulations! That's a definite positive test

Monstamio Tue 21-Feb-17 05:38:27

Congratulations, you're pregnant! It's faint because you're testing so early. In another week the line will be much darker.

RememberToSmile1980 Tue 21-Feb-17 05:42:39

Definitely positive! Should get darker as well! Congratulations

paigeleeforever182 Tue 21-Feb-17 06:00:22

Thanks so much!! smile Think I'm gonna set up an apt. with my Dr. tomorrow!

jmariehac Tue 21-Feb-17 09:24:24

Congratulations definitely a positive good luck xx

Becky2604 Tue 21-Feb-17 19:11:05

Hi, I'm 2 days late I've had pregnancy sypmtoms I think!? I've taken pregnancy tests and nothing come up to begin with and then really faint lines come up 15-20 mins later last night and this morning was when the tests were done but really unsure took a third today but think I'm trying to convince myself something is there? I am usually regular very regular in fact.. this is unusual for me. And still no sign of period.? What are people's opinions?

jmariehac Tue 21-Feb-17 19:12:34

Becky they both look like positives to me congratulations xxx

Becky2604 Tue 21-Feb-17 19:13:59

Even if they didn't come up until after the time said on the packet? I really don't wnt to get my hopes up been trying for two years nearly x

jmariehac Tue 21-Feb-17 20:00:41

That was one of my tests that came up 20 mins after ....I'm. Now 7 weeks with baby 3..I had a chemical preg in November which was a pos test for a week then negative had a period and that was that ..obviously it will get darker have u any more tests so you can do one in the morning ? Xx

Becky2604 Tue 21-Feb-17 20:21:38

I've done one this afternoon but don't no if there's a line or not. It's different brand but fainter then them ones.. got one more for morning. Had miscarriage last sept didn't no I was pregnant at the time had period and then bled again and again. Tested positive.. I can see the lines they seemed to have got darker today then wot they was last night. The wait is so hard kinda feels like that wait on from last year seeing if my hcg levels was going up or down sad just thought they wud of been a lot darker lines with me being 2 days late if I am pregnant xx

Becky2604 Tue 21-Feb-17 20:29:09

Congratulations by the way smile xx

paigeleeforever182 Tue 21-Feb-17 20:52:14

Thank you so much! And I can't definitely see a faint line, I would try again in a couple of days! Good luck!! smile

paigeleeforever182 Tue 21-Feb-17 20:52:28

Can** lol

Becky2604 Tue 21-Feb-17 20:57:22

Thankyou I hope so been waiting so long for this. It's a lot more confusing then you initially think it is. When your younger your told that just once can get you pregnant. And when your trying feels like forever. I'll keep you posted smile xx

paigeleeforever182 Wed 22-Feb-17 03:57:08

I completely agree! Definitely keep me posted! I hope you get the result that you want! smile

Becky2604 Wed 22-Feb-17 06:12:08

Afraid not af shown this morning. 😔

Becky2604 Wed 22-Feb-17 06:54:15

I'm beginning to think I was now im not. sad the first one is quite strong seem to have got fainter. The one done this morning before I knew af was here there's no line at all. Our bodies do like to test us 😔

paigeleeforever182 Wed 22-Feb-17 07:09:52

How heavy is your bleeding? I had very light bleeding for about 2 days, and now no bleeding at all. Some bleeding is normal, and you may still be pregnant. I would call your doctor and make an apt. and also try to test with the digital test

Becky2604 Wed 22-Feb-17 07:21:44

I've been looking at other feeds. Bleeding medium to heavy.. the two pictured above are the first two these are second to bottom one being the last one taken.. I tried ringing my docs yesterday but receptionist basically told me they don't deal with positive test told her I was late and was unsure of results but she was just pretty rude. If I was i no I'm not now sad they have just got fainter xx

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