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Deeslaterhi Fri 17-Feb-17 20:44:12

Okay so, I posted not that long ago regards to a faint line on some tests, I then got a positive on a clear blue saying 1-2 weeks..
so last night I went in to hospital with some leg/hip ache, just wanted to be safe.. they did a test and it was postive, I gave the docs a date that should add up to 6w5days, the results of the blood test came back as 600hcg which they said was low for that far, but I kept telling the doctors I think I'm earlier than I originally thought.. they weren't listening.. but I honestly think I'm around the 4w stage, but I went for a u/s and they couldn't find a sac but also no evidence of ectopic...
So he's bacially said to me iv had a m/c.l but also said something's growing in me but they don't know where, which has played on my mind so much, is in again for a blood test to see if they've gone up, but should I worried? I think 600 is quite high if I am actually 4/5weeks...
please some one make sense of this for me sad

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