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Mucus plug discharge 11+1

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MojhitoSparkle Fri 17-Feb-17 20:00:27


The past week or so sometimes when I go to the loo and wipe I get a bit of mucus discharge. It's been happening about once a day,just a small amount. However tonight I felt quite wet down there, went to the loo, wiped, and there was really quite a large amount of mucus. I think my mucus plug must be coming out shock It's Friday night and my midwifes office is closed. I guess I could phone the 24/7 maternity team at the hospital but I don't want to phone them for something silly. Has anyone had this before? Was it serious? Did you need medical help?

PotteringAlong Fri 17-Feb-17 20:01:58

Even if it is at this stage, your mucus plug isn't a one hit wonder; it can regenerate and move and change. Lots of discharge is not unusual.

MojhitoSparkle Fri 17-Feb-17 20:10:37

Thanks, so you're saying you don't think I need to be worried?

Semaphorically Fri 17-Feb-17 20:12:51

I had a huge amount of discharge when I was pregnant. It might not be your mucus plug.

likeacrow Fri 17-Feb-17 20:13:30

Could it just be increased discharge? Wouldn't it be way too early to be the mucus plug?

likeacrow Fri 17-Feb-17 20:15:15

And ditto what Semaphorically said. Me too. I'm excepting the mucus plug to be more blobby and potentially pinkish/reddish in colour.

MojhitoSparkle Fri 17-Feb-17 20:16:56

It's not discharge it's definitely mucus from the mucus plug.

Years ago I was on a mini pill that worked by making your body create a mucus plug to stop sperm getting in and every few months I'd get a big clump coming loose. It's exactly the same as that.

MojhitoSparkle Fri 17-Feb-17 20:18:46

This pic isn't mine it's from google but this is exactly what it looks like.

FenellaMaxwellsPony Fri 17-Feb-17 20:20:20

It does top itself back up again, I didn't lose a huge glob like that but certainly smaller bits quite regularly throughout my pregnancy.

likeacrow Fri 17-Feb-17 20:31:46

I still think that could be discharge but if you're worried you need a medical professional. Good luck and hope all goes well.

TheElephantofSurprise Fri 17-Feb-17 20:34:49

When did you last have sex?
Your body responds to the arrival of additional sperm by producing mucus to stop it in its tracks. That happened to me all through pregnancy. I only read about it in one book, and I must have read hundreds of books on pregnancy.

MojhitoSparkle Fri 17-Feb-17 20:36:23

I've been ill with flu so not had sex in 3 weeks

Snowflakes1122 Fri 17-Feb-17 21:41:36

I don't think that's your mucus plug. Usually has streaks of blood in it (well my three pregnancies it did)

It's quite normal to have thick discharge like that though, so I wouldn't worry unless you bleed or cramp.

Snowflakes1122 Fri 17-Feb-17 21:44:43

As a pp mentioned it can regenerate if it is the mucus plug. flowers

Don't worry

Pastaagain78 Fri 17-Feb-17 21:49:12

I don't think that's your mucus plug. It is mucus but not the plug or anything to be worried about. Increase in discharge and mucus is very common. As others said, mucus plug can regenerate. The mucus plug that comes away at the end of your pregnancy is pinky and blood stained.

calimommy Fri 17-Feb-17 21:51:49

That's not your mucus plug. That's jut excessive discharge. 5pregnancies and I get it every single time. You might need to wear a pad. The discharge thickens to help prevent bacteria and viruses from reaching the cervix. It's 100% normal.

LeSquigh Fri 17-Feb-17 21:55:11

That's definitely not your mucus plug. I'm 22 weeks and I have discharge like that about 24 hours after I have sex. I just presumed it was semen mixed with my own discharge. I'm not worried.

MojhitoSparkle Sat 18-Feb-17 05:09:54

Thanks guys! Feel much better about it now!

likeacrow Sat 18-Feb-17 10:05:23

I feel like my replies must have been invisible... wink

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