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12 week scan/ nub theory?

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GalaxyDefender2012 Fri 17-Feb-17 17:44:58

Hi there, new to this and not sure if this is even how you post questions? So forgive me if this has turned up in the completely wrong place grin

I had my 12 week scan today which revealed I am 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant. We are so excited but oh so very impatient to find out whether it is a boy or girl even though we know that there is pretty much no way to have a clue until the 20 week scan and no way to know for definite until it is born!

My boyfriend sent me a link to the Nub theory? It's apparently a 94% accurate test that can determine the sex by looking at 'the angle of the dangle'. Just wanted to know if any of you ladies have used to this to predict and were your predictions right? From the test our baby appears to be a little lady, but we don't want to get too into the idea just incase it is not as accurate as they say!!! Please let me know.

ColourfulOrangex Fri 17-Feb-17 17:53:59

This is DC2 and I'm more impatient with this one lol I put mine on here a while ago and a couple of people said boy, I sent it off to a website who said girl, I find out (hopefully) on the 1st March, my son is hoping for a baby sister so if it's a little boy I will need to get him to used to it lol, congratulations on your pregnancy OP, from what I've seen most predictions are right x

GalaxyDefender2012 Fri 17-Feb-17 18:17:31

Hi there, Yeah I have seen that they are supposed to be mostly right. We are also hoping for a little girl but I really don't want to convince myself that it's a girl abd then find out it's a boy haha. Good luck with your scan, please do let me know, I'm really interested to see if this theory works haha. Congratulations either way!! X

mumxof3x Fri 17-Feb-17 18:19:49

Mine was right for my daughter

ColourfulOrangex Fri 17-Feb-17 18:52:51

GalaxyDefenderw2012 I will update as soon as I know smile I feel it's a girl and I was adamant by son was a boy and well he is lol but suppose you don't know until the 20 week scan...
mumxof3x aww that's good to hear it was correct for you smile

GalaxyDefender2012 Fri 17-Feb-17 19:16:36

If I attach a photo what are your guys opinion? My other half thinks a girl as its parallel to the lowest point of the spine? but I can't quite seem to get my head around it haha

ColourfulOrangex Fri 17-Feb-17 19:43:15

I'm not sure on that one but I'm no expert on nub at all lol this is mine

GalaxyDefender2012 Fri 17-Feb-17 19:54:54

ColourfulOrangex I have no idea at all hahaha. Apparently sometimes the legs get in the way? I really don't know I guess it's all just a waiting game. I worry that because we are hoping for a girl our minds are making us look out for only girl signs and not any boy signs haha selective looking hahah

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 17-Feb-17 19:58:23

If it's any help, I think you are having a Jelly Baby grin

No idea about nub theory, sorry.

ColourfulOrangex Fri 17-Feb-17 20:01:13

Haha the way it was jumping about in that scan I wouldn't be surprised if it was a jelly baby or even a kangaroo! I don't really mind either I'm just impatient lol not too long now

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 17-Feb-17 20:04:41

With mine, I had a dating scan which was at about 10/11 weeks with both of mine and that was that. Was fairly sure DC1 was a boy, well to be fair every person I met, even the guy serving in the canteen and a bus driver or two said it was a boy - and he was.

I was fairly sure that DC2 was a boy - again so was everyone else! - and he was.

ColourfulOrangex Fri 17-Feb-17 20:07:06

Really? Wow that's quite cool everyone knew even bus drivers!
I was sure DC1 was a boy even though others said girl and he is , I think part of the reason I think girl this time is that the pregnancy has been completely different and since I've known I've just thought girl

GalaxyDefender2012 Fri 17-Feb-17 20:12:30

See mines my first pregnancy so I know no different from anything. I tried judging by cravings but I've not had any cravings really. All I know is that I've completely gone off meat and hot food. my mum said she could always see me with a little girl. But now that I'm pregnant I keep hearing everyone around me when talking about it slip in a 'he' never 'she'. To me that's a sign haha. Im so darn impatient 😂

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 17-Feb-17 20:14:44

I think it can be like that for some people. Some people will take some things as fact, such as they way you are carrying, whether you have morning sickness etc as indication of one thing or another, and others will have evidence of the exact opposite.

In my case I had a completely round bump right at the front both times but both mine were lying back to back and were large babies and I was very slim, that probably has more to do with it than what was between their legs to be honest. But everyone guessed boy without exception. Got to love random strangers making sure they got their views in smile

Mine are teenagers now, I love this age best of all but i do miss baby snuggles - the cat isn't that happy to oblige.

francinedoherty Wed 26-Jul-17 16:26:23

Anyone guess on my 12 week scan 😚

Babsicle84 Wed 26-Jul-17 19:01:15

Can anyone say what gender my baby is on the 12 week scan? smile thank you smile

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