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Small head circumference

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AnaMaria88 Thu 16-Feb-17 17:37:28

At my 20 weeks scan they found out my babys head is out of charts, send me to London to a fetal clinic, after 3 days had another scan, my babys head was on the 3rd percentile, the doctors looked concerned, they offered me to do amniocentesis to check for any sindroms, infections and also blood tests from me and my husband! We need to go back in two weeks time to check how is baby growing and waiting for the test results! The doc said is most probably later I ll have to go for a MRI also! I keep reading others experiences, most of them are encouraging but the care they should to us, doing the tests that not everyone was offered is worring us a lot! I would like to head some updates from those who had the same! Thank yo!

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